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Pagan coming out day May 2

Because of ongoing stigma and common misconceptions within Christian, Muslim, and other communities, many Pagans are very discreet about their beliefs or will even deny any association with paganism. Paganism, which is an extremely broad term which encompasses a myriad of belief systems and practices, is still highly stigmatized, poorly understood, and often discriminated against. Despite formal recognition by the U.S. government, many people still retain a negative association to paganism.

'Pagan' is often handily used to cover a number of different paths, including the Craft, Wicca, Druidism, Enochian magic, and dozens more.

International Pagan Coming Out Day is observed May 2. IPCOD (International Pagan Coming Out Day) is also a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources to Pagans who are interested in living more openly in their faith or craft, or seek acceptance and tolerance within their daily lives and workplaces.

International Pagan Coming Out Day encourages Pagans to live more openly as Pagans if and when they feel ready, but with the goal of encouraging acceptance within the greater community and of providing greater understanding of what it is to be Pagan.

IPCOD encourages those who wish to show their support for International Pagan Coming Out Day on May 2 to wear spring green, to organize or participate in a public open ritual or circle, or by being willing to explain their beliefs to friends and family. Many Pagans are celebrating some variation of Beltane around this time of year, so IPCOD could be built into Beltane and May Day celebrations.

International Pagan Coming Out Day would also like to hear your personal 'in' or 'out' story on their Facebook page. This is the fourth year and the movement, while still small, has grown steadily. There are more Pagans within our communities than many of us are aware of, and International Pagan Coming Out Day seeks to provide resources to not only create equity, but also to connect with fellow Pagans in our community.

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