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Paduka Sandals


The Hindi word Paduka actually translates as "Footprints of the Gods". Traditional Paduka Sandals were made of wood with a post and a stub to provide grip. Michelle discovered these on a trip to India and created a business. She wants to update the designs and inventory to really fully launch the shoe business. The perks include the sandals of your choice.

She took the trip to India as a way to inspire herself and decide on her future. She brought a few pair home and sold them. She knew she was onto something good because they quickly sold out, again and again. You can help her turn this into her full time business.

Here's what she has to say about her success: I think I have have all the necessary pieces in place to make this happen on time. I have already managed production and shipping of several hundred pairs of Paduka Sandals from India.

I know my suppliers and they produce consistently and on time. I have them on standby and will have them working as soon as I can confirm my project will be successful.