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Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome in Tonawanda

Sacramento Golf

The Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome in Tonawanda, NY is a well known destination for the avid golfer.  But not many parents know about Brighton Bay Miniature Golf Course located inside the dome.  When winter hits Buffalo, families will have a great time playing a round of mini golf inside the dome!   

Located across from the indoor driving range, Brighton Bay is truly the complete "miniature" golf course.  It includes bunkers, water hazards, beautiful bridges over clean ponds of fish and a design that will challenge the best golfer yet not exclude the worst!  The cost for a round of miniature golf is $5 per person, although (don't tell anyone!) once or twice the man working behind the counter has been known to let a little one in during the week for free.   

On a typical weekday you would most likely have the course to yourself.  Perhaps you would see some of the retired crowd practicing their putts on the putting green or working through a bucket of balls on the driving range.  The temperature inside the Dome is surprisingly warm.  One might think it could get chilly in there, but that is not the case.  There are benches all around as well as a few coat racks for the convenience of their customers. 

Before you leave, stop by THE GRILL inside the golf dome for a bite to eat.  If it's not too busy you can sit near the windows overlooking the driving range while you enjoy a variety of soups and salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers and much more offered on their menu.

And because I am all about finding fun things that are FREE or greatly reduced in price, here's what I have to share with you!  Kids eat FREE at THE GRILL on Mondays from 4-9pm. 

Next Monday, head over to the Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome in Tonawanda for a fun, family game of miniature golf and then stop for some FREE food at THE GRILL. 


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