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Paddle boarding takes over Nantucket

Paddle boarding is officially taking over the island of Nantucket. It's impossible to escape the trend on any beach at any given moment. So just what exactly is this trend and can anyone do it?

It requires a strong core and balance. You can rent them on beaches, so there is not need to buy it to try it. Spending time at the beach and finding ways to be active while having fun are important.

Paddle boarding promises to burn between 500-700 calories per hour* (similar to a brisk walk or slow jog). Other celebrity fans include Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna and Kate Hudson. It provides a total body workout, using your upper body strength to propel the board forward against currents and wind, challenges the lower body to maintain balance while slightly bending the knees, and engages the core switching the paddle from side to side to go straight forward.

Paddle boarding has gone so mainstream that even celebrities are now edorsing their own branded boards. Shape magazine reported that Marissa Miller enjoyed paddle boarding and now she has come out with her own line! She was discovered after all by a famed photographer in California one day as a teenager while surfing. For $1715, you can buy her paddle board!

Do you like this idea about celebrities promoting healthy living products? Have you tried paddle boarding here on the east coast yet?

*According to Shape Magazine


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