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Pacquiao vs Mosley: Sugar Shane shameful

The best he looked all night
The best he looked all night
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The saying goes something like "when I beat Manny Pacquiao, I deserve my just due.” There was something else about picking the fighter to win at fight parties and sticking with it. Mosley will deserve “accolades” when he defeats Pacquiao—blah, blah. The foregoing are little nuggets from Shane Mosley and Naazim Richardson during the Fight Camp 360 infomercial leading up to last night’s joke (a/k/a payday) starring Sugar Shane Mosley.

One can only speculate as to what Mosley is thinking today. Should I have jabbed more? Should I have stood my ground instead of retreating against a smaller man? Should I have done more than tap Manny’s gloves and then drool all over him during the post-fight interview? Did Oscar De La Hoya have a better showing than me? Should Bella and I go to the Cayman Islands to celebrate my survival or hole up in Big Bear with some pancakes and bowling? What will I clear after taxes? Who cares.

When you call someone a “future hall of famer” it means something. It has been done here and undoubtedly Mosley is headed that direction for a bunch of stuff he did many years ago. If the last three fights matter, however, he would never get in. He was completely dominated by the two best fighters in the world. Not because he could not match their skills, in relevant part, but rather because he was afraid. Apparently, a loss by lopsided decision is better than getting knocked out. It’s about not giving yourself a chance to win. Blame it on age if you must, but this one is about pride.

Without question, the non-fighting members of Team Mosley were convinced that they had a chance to prevail last night. What they didn’t realize is that the psychological make-up of a man plays a great part in the outcome. A quitter is about as far away from Sugar Ray Robinson that one can be, like “Sugar” Ray Nahr, but a non-starter is perhaps worse—like “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Both need to disappear or, if not, stop using the name of the greatest fighter of all time.

Regardless, as lopsided as last night turned out to be, where does Manny Pacquiao go from here? If we believe him, which we have no reason not to, he had to battle through some issues with this legs last night. Potential health issues combined with the fact that there are truly no other opponents remaining equates to what may well be the end of the road. The speculation that he may meet Mayweather at some point is supported by no direct evidence that Floyd wants any part of it. It’s Floyd or it’s nobody.

Finally, SHOWTIME was handed a gift last night and made the worst of it. Gus Johnson is a disaster and even Al Bernstein was off his game. Jim Gray needs to stick with being LeBron James’ softball thrower and James Brown doesn’t need to commingle football with the Sweet Science. Antonio Tarver kept criticizing Mosley for not doing things, such as fighting, that he in fact perfected. There was also scant corner coverage during the fight and nobody could figure out how to score the thing.

In short, the only thing last night accomplished is that most of us wasted a little extra scratch that could have gone to a Mother’s Day brunch. The Mom vs Mom fight scene at the waffle station would have been more entertaining.


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