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Pacquiao vs Mayweather (video update), Pacman will get money than Mayweather because he deserves it

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Here is some great news for all real boxing fans and especially for fans of the Mighty Manny Pacquiao. It is being reported that Pacman will get more than the 50/50 split as originally reported for his fight vs Floyd Mayweather.  Here is what reports,


Pacquiao's promoter, Top Rank's Bob Arum, will give his fighter a larger guaranteed purse than originally agreed upon, and Arum has been contacted by the Atlanta Falcons' Georgia Dome regarding the potential for being a site for the bout.

The Filipino icon's adviser, Michael Koncz, told FanHouse on Monday that Arum has sweetened the deal for Pacquiao (50-3-2, 38 knockouts),

"Arum presented a package to us, and we did some minor modifications to it. One of the points that we brought up was the guaranteed purse," said Koncz, referring to their interaction during a two-hour meeting involving Pacquiao, Arum and himself, late last week.

"Bob came to us with an offer, we countered it, and we got what we requested," said Koncz. "That [purse] was the major one, and there were some minor issues -- not so much revolving around money, but with other aspects of the fight."

Although there are reports that the combatants agreed to a 50-50 split, and that Pacquiao, at least, was originally guaranteed $20 million -- plus their shares of any upside to the pay per view revenue -- Koncz said that a gag order is in place for both sides and that, under the circumstances, it would be inappropriate to address any numbers.

There are also reports that Mayweather has been guaranteed at least $20 million, that his name will lead the promotion as "Mayweather-Pacquiao," and that the revenue could push each side's earnings toward the $45 million mark.

"The only ones who know the figures are Manny, myself, Bob Arum, [Golden Boy Promotions'] Richad Schaefer and Floyd Mayweather. So there are other figures floating around out there that may or not be accurate," said Koncz, referring to Schaefer, who is representing Mayweather's side.

"In relation to any figures, I will not substantiate them," said Koncz. "There are gag orders in place, and I don't think that it's appropriate that any deals or negotiations should be negotiated in the press."

This is great news for real boxing fans and it is fair, because Manny is the "reason for the season" and will soon be beating Mayweather's butt.
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  • BFASTER 5 years ago


  • Canadian 5 years ago

    I've been repeatedly watching Manny's and Floyd's last 5 fights....
    I just can't see how Floyd will beat Pacman. Floyd's defense will eventually crumble due to Pacman's ability to drive combos.
    I can see this being a Pacman win - KO in 8th round.
    Please note that I am a HUGE Mayweather fan before I was a Pacman fan. So this isn't a biased comment, just the facts from what I've been watching and studying.

  • no pino chino oooo 5 years ago


  • boxing iq 5 years ago

    What people dont understand is mayweather has speed and great defense but thats not what wins him fights its him being smarter than the other fighters this is exactly what he is going to do with pacquiao first he is going to have a conventional defense vs pacquiao he does the shoulder roll only vs orthodox fighters not southpaws two he is going to fight up close to take the power off of pacquiaos punches so up close with his hands by his in front of his face just enough for him to see and last but not least he is going to tie him up so pacquiao cant throw 6 to 8 punch combos and pacquiao will end up fighting going backwards which he cant do.I saw a video where a repoter asked him what he would do with pacquiao and all he said was tie him up. Thats using your head he outsmarts people. After he ties him up pacquiao will get hit with right hands to the body and head and left hooks. Mayweather outsmarts another fighter and wins by UD or late stoppage more likely UD though

  • James 5 years ago

    The deck is just stacked against Pacquiao. God dealt Manny a bad hand with being short, very short arms which limits him greatly. Perhaps he has some power, ok lets give him that.

    What happens if Mayweather keeps Pacquiao off balance with the double, triple jabs and tie ups. People say Pacquiao is equal in speed...I can't see it. He is forced to leap and lunge to connect.

    Mayweather vs. Marquez all over again. This time I think Pacquiao will get seriously cut and will cause the fight to be stopped.

  • pino chinooo my ass! 5 years ago

    pacquiao is not chinese mothafucker! he is filipino! FILIPINO...
    F.I.L.I.P.I.N.O. from the country of the Philippines not china!

  • Doo Rog 5 years ago

    If Fraud Mayweather thinks that he can box with MONEY Pacman then he's probably smoking some cheap stuff. Speed-wise: even, power-wise: advantage Pacquiao.

    Should Mayweather go through with this fight then I see a 6th round KO by Pacquiao.

    40-0 is a BIG FRAUD. Where's Cotto, Mosley, or Margarito in Fraud's bout history?

  • James 5 years ago

    Racism just takes me to a new level when it comes to anger. Nothing sets me off worse than when this happens to ANY race creed or culture. Te Gambordella is the absolute most racist individual I have ever seen in the last 10 years.

    As far as your Pacquiao insite, that's illegal and the attorneys would have a field day with that. Which shows your lack of knowledge and understanding of the legal process.

    Just for you...I hope Manny Pacquiao takes the beating of his life. Nothing against Manny, I want you to know blood was spilled to prove your racist, prejudiced, ass wrong.

    Good luck with Pacquiao winning...He's gonna need it!

  • kaning lamig 5 years ago

    Hope, this fight will not becomes boring, because I think Mayweather will not fight Manny toe to toe because he's afraid. Floyd give the people their moneys worth, we don't want to see you keep on running all over the ring. Manny is an exciting fighter, but if you pair him up to a fighter who don't want to engaged toe to toe, it will gonna be a boring fight. Floyd mouth is too fast, hope his punches cancatch up with Mannys speed. After the fight, it will take a while before he can run his mouth again because Manny will shut this off.

  • tutong 5 years ago

    Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is a great fight. Why don't give this two gladiator enough time to put themeselves into a great physical conditions. Why they are hurrying up? They said this fight may not have 24/7 because the fight schedule is too early. Let's don't give each fighter a chance to give reason, alibis or excuse when they lose the fight. Give them enough time to train, to heal from their previous fight and to be prepare mentally and physically so that after the fight, the loser will not say that "the reason why I lost because of this and that." So reset the fight from march to May or June 2010. Protect the fighter who puts the sport of boxing to the next level. He's the new king of the PPV. I'm just saying this for the promoters own good. It's for you BOB and OSCAR.

  • tc 5 years ago

    The fight wont be boring because pacquiao will fight hard he always fights hard pacquiao will have his moments the fans will scream everytime throws a combo whether he lands or not manny has alot of heart and is an exciting fighter but in the end it wont be enough mayweather is going to tie him up and keep him off balance with double and tripple jabs and when pacquiao gets ready to throw a combo mayweather is gonna tie him up. Mayweather by UD he's to smart thats how mayweather wins his fights by outsmarting people and having great fundamentals. He has the fundamentals of boxing damn near mastered

  • KevyKev 5 years ago

    I think that it was during Pacman Morales II that I kept rewinded the tape to count an 11 punch combo in 3 seconds flat. I must've rewinded the tape 5 times just to count all the punches. Counting his punches is a lot easier than dodging 11 punches in 3 seconds at weird angles all night long. Power is there even at 147. God blessed Pacman with good reach relative to his height. Stamina. Strong Legs. Power in both hands. Granite fists. Speed. HEART. A good trainer. Went from poor elementary educated boy who had to work at age 9 to support his family to- The Forbes magazine #1 highest paid boxer in the world, Ring magazine P4P king, 7 titles and also running for Congress to fight corruption. God has dealth this man a good hand. I'm a fan of Pacman because I'm a fan of God first. Hating on him is hating on the blessings God gave him. Chuuuuch!!!

  • Marvelous 5 years ago

    I'm going to have to agree with tc, even though I've stopped supporting Mayweather simply because of his ego, there is no denying is fundamentals in the ring. The mastery of hitting another fighter and no being hit back has only been acomplished by the few. Even in his prime Ali took some punishment that should have been avoided. But I do believe Paquiao wll take it to Floyd like noone else has ever done, Pac-man is going to bring the best out of Floyd and vice-versa! I'm willing to bet my lifes work that it wont be a boring fight, Pac wont let that happen and he is going to force Mayweather into a fight and not a boxing match.

  • Boxreal 5 years ago

    Styles make fights and Floyd has the best style,tools and skills in boxing period.I like Manny and can understand why people hate Floyd but,Pacman and Money May will enter a boxing ring not a popularity contest.

  • Cool 5 years ago

    Pac man is gonna bring the fight to Mayweather. Mayweather will not be able to contain him. No way. CAn you already hear the crowd booing as Mayweather ties him up or runs. Mayweather will get his shots but his brittle hands will not last long and just as soon as manny lands the first solid shot Mayweather will continue to run the crowd will boo and the decision goes to manny

  • KULIT 5 years ago


  • ray 5 years ago

    Mayweather doesnt care about being booed he is always booed in his fights he isnt gonna run as you call it but he is going to fight up close in the pocket fighting up close takes the power off of fighters punches with his hands infront of his face just enough to see and manny is going to get countered with right hands and he is going to keep him off balance with double and triple jabs all while fighting in the pocket then when manny gets ready to through a combo mayweathers going to tie him up Mayweather is too smart for manny Mayweather by UD the guy outsmarts everybody he fights, he's not going to do that shoulder roll defense vs manny he only does that vs orthodox fighters against manny he will use conventional defense.

  • roel 5 years ago

    why not choose UNLV Sam Boyd Football Stadium for the fight location? The stadium sold out quickly, with 42,213 fans attending. The Black Eyed Peas opened up for U2.

  • Izzi 4 Real 5 years ago

    Are you Pacquiao fans looking at this fight objectively, or are you so caught up in Pacquiao's streak of beating damaged fighters with big names to be rational? It's always how Pac's going to enforce his will & throw all of these crushing combinations, like Floyd is going to just stand there & let it happen. Do you people look at all aspects of a fight or just highlights? Floyd's defense is what will win this fight...if Pac can't penetrate that defense consistently, (& he can't)he can't win...if he doesn't learn to move his head defensively, instead of eating punches, he'll pay for it. Pac's fighting a man who's quicker than he is...Pac's fast but he doesn't display much in the way of lateral defensive speed, so Floyd's speed will be a problem for him & he's not a stationary target; his movement & counterpunching will catch Manny open. Pacquiao has to "box" this time, not just throw punches & Floyd's the better boxer. You all need to realize the KO you're wishing for is not happening

  • tundraman 5 years ago

    i admit gayweather is good, but he has a suspect chin. fighters who has hurt him failed to finish him. Pac on the other hand is the most vicious finishers, will not let him get away, we all know that especially now gayweather sr. is talking trash. Gayweathers chin is why he hasn't fought the big punchers in any weight.

  • tundraman 5 years ago

    If all the fighters the PACMAN has beat are all damaged goods like you gayweather fans say, Why are the still at the top of the list in ranking? No one gave the PACMAN a chance when he fought these fighter, but he walked right through them. If this fight did not go through, Gayweather would have fought WHO?? Mathew HATTON?? Who the hell is that, another nobody!!! YOU CLOWNS NEED TO GET OVER YOUR BULL, YOU ALL KNOW GAYWEATHER IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE.

  • Cool 5 years ago

    Yes Mayweather is in for a bit more than he can handle. You guys are talking this nonsense of Pac fighting damaged goods. THat is fear at its finest. Tell me which TRUE welterweight Mayweather has gone thru. He is great at boxing but gues Pac man is also

  • El Canoso 5 years ago

    This should be a wonderful fight but I also see corruption in the outcome. Both fighters have it all but Mayweather is hated or disliked and it will be that way for the commentators and the judges.

    Floyd won't get the decision if it goes to the cards.

    You will hear cheers every time Manny moves and the commentators will point out every punch Manny connects with. Most boxing fans are not sophisticated enough to discern Floyds genius. The average fight fan expects an attack to be met with a return attack and when the attack is met with defense they get puzzled because after all it is a fight. Right?

    Defense is how Mayweather addresses an opponents attack. He is not running. As a matter of fact he can stand before another fighter and administer the “Defense Attack”.
    Because this is not understood or recognized it will not be given any merit.

    If Floyd doesn’t beat up Manny he won’t win.

    Ask Larry Holmes what it can be like when you’re not liked. Because Larry was not like

  • Ed 5 years ago

    Do not cofuse Philippines from China. Filipino lumpia's are the best compare to soggy Chinese egg-rolls, or in Chinese..Egg-lolls!
    The Pacman is 100% Filipino--not Chinese, not Japanese, Not Korean. Filipino from the "Pearl of the Orient". Manny, AKA Mexecutioner, PuertoRicankiller, and now he will be African-Americancrusher. You people have not idea how incredible the Pacman is. This is history that will probably be never repeated. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!!!!! Speed kills Baby. Now Mayweather.....Chutyoumouff!!!!!

  • Ed 5 years ago

    Do not confuse Philippines from China. Filipino lumpia's are the best compare to soggy Chinese egg-rolls, or in Chinese..Egg-lolls!
    The Pacman is 100% Filipino--not Chinese, not Japanese, Not Korean. Filipino from the "Pearl of the Orient". Manny, AKA Mexecutioner, PuertoRicankiller, and now he will be African-Americancrusher. You people have not idea how incredible the Pacman is. This is history that will probably be never repeated. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!!!!! Speed kills Baby. Now Mayweather.....Chutyoumouff!!!!! Manny will shut it for you so you can quit you yapping this nonsense. Floyd...are you shaking????

  • bug 5 years ago

    if manny will fight mayweather, what will happen is, mayweather will fight the same as like de la hoya and manny will beat mayweather like de la hoya too.mayweather can't figure it out where manny's punch come from and just suddenly landed in mayweather's cocky mouth and he will spit blood the same as cotto.i can see that if this fight will happen,this will be mayweather's first time to be beaten by small, powerful,fast and smart fighter.i am sure manny will do a lot more of combination against cocky mayweather and once manny slow down this cocky mayweather manny will not give him any mercy and if mayweather become helpless,manny will not give mayweather a chance to throw any punches anymore until he retire.from canada fans.

  • bug 5 years ago

    if this fight will happen, no american judge is allowed and no american refferee is allowed too. the boxing association committee should choose the right judges to judge the fight and the refferee as third man in the ring.the better fighter should win without any question.fair is fair.

  • unknown 5 years ago

    I think the best judges and referres are ex-boxer... i.e. Floyd Sr. could be one of the judges... I don't think he will favor his son... it's the integrity and honor thing...

  • captain barbell 5 years ago

    floyds has a suspect chin u must be stupid....u obviously dnt follow boxing....pacman has fought a real welterweight but not the right weight 145lbs supposed 2 be 147 idiot. pacman likes fighting shot fighters hatton de la hoya cotto that make him look good

  • captain barbell 5 years ago

    its great in every1 sayingthat pacman will ko money but will be able 2 reach him...will money just stand in front of pacman like his last 3 fighters.....will he run...

    the answer is no......mayweather will get the right sparring partners but can pacman get some1 who can fight similar 2 floyd...err no

    money 2 win by split of UD

  • FagBoyFloyd Gayweathwer 5 years ago

    Awesome ! Finally, Mr. 'You know I gots my owns Jetts' Idiot will start to feel tha heat as more and more 'Real' boxing fans come out and voice their opinions as to who is 'The' true Pound 4 Pound king right now !

    I've watched a few interviews on Youtube from guys like Sugar Ray, Carmello, Kobe, Ron Artest... I know, I know mostly basketball fans but these guys are pretty real and are quite respected in their sport. All have to say that Manny not Floyd is the true Pound 4 Pound boxer at this moment. So, I don't see how Pip Squeak Floyd can claim that. One of the funniest of Floyds interviews was an ESPN one where he's almost in tears coz the interviewer won't accept Floyds claim that HE is the best yada, yada, yada. I know most of you have seen some of his interviews pre and post fights. Doesn't he just make you sick ? I just wanna punch the monitor every time I hear him. What about his little skit on how he's in the 'Cheque Cashing Business' ! Seriously, what a looooser !

  • FagBoyFloyd Gayweathwer 5 years ago

    Of course Floyds gonna win...

    And Chinese people are good drivers...

    Of course Floyds gonna win...

    And Tiger is faithful...

    Of course Floyds gonna win...

    And Sugar Ray, Kobe, Mello, Lennox are guys that don't think Manny's gonna win. Youtube any interview on these two fighters and try and find ANYTHING. Ya, A N Y T H I N G on anyone credible that thinks Floyds gonna win. There's absolutely no one in their right mind that will even say anything nice about Floyd. He's a joke and so are all his followers. There's very few people like him and his attitude.


  • Cool 5 years ago

    I wonder if Mayweather loses, will he ask to fight Boldomir again and this time try to floor him

  • tundraman 5 years ago

    captain barbell: so cotto is not a real ww. you smoking crack with gayweather sr? get off this weight issue cause it has nothing to do with the fact that cotto lost. if gayweather was so great, why didn't he fight cotto before retiring??? beacause cotto never called him out, is that the answer? samething he has said with mp. WHO HAS GAYWEATHER FOUGHT THAT IS A REAL THREAT??? SHOT FIGHTERS THAT ARE STILL RANKED, DO YOUR HOMEWORK SON.

  • Money May 5 years ago

    Wow, whar a retard you are.....

    This quote took me about 5 seconds to find and from a simple Google search to boot. It's from Bob Arum himself

    "I told Richard Schaefer, ‘If you want me to spend 2 hours saying why Manny deserves more than 50% then you'll spend 3 hours telling me why Mayweather is entitled to more than 50%... So let’s save a lot of time '” he told ABS-CBN News.

    “You know whatever you say, whatever I say, it’s gonna end up 50-50. Let’s agree on that… So it was done in 5 minutes," added Arum, who arrived in Manila on Thursday to seal the deal with Pacquiao.

    Next time try doing a simple Google search before you run your mouth

  • tundraman 5 years ago


  • Paul 5 years ago

    Floyd is the only p4p you didnt fight the top 10 boxers in his DIVISION....what a JOKE, a man FULL OF FRAUDNESS. Anyway, Manny has something for Floyd ready already...cant wait to see Manny and Freddie do their thing in the ring to SHUT UP the FLoyd clans and its Floyd fans nasty words

  • James - Chicago 5 years ago

    El Canoso I agre. I believe Mayweather will have to KO Pacquiao to get the win. Floyd is hated by all in the media, judgres alike.

  • el torito 5 years ago

    those people who likes mayweather well be crush like a spinach when he fulls down and crying like a baby goat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • el torito 5 years ago

    pacman deserves the cash than moneymouthmaywether,every opponent of pacman deserves their bet of respect but floyd its ol mouth fight and he dont those great fighter like cotto,mosely and margarito.

  • RudyG 5 years ago

    The elephant in the room...Juan Manuel Marquez. JMM gave the little Flipo fits, twice, a draw and a close split decision in '08 many people thought JMM won. FM gave JMM a 12 round boxing lesson; made him look ridiculous. Same thing is gonna happen to the Flipo.

  • Ryan 'G' for GayBoy... 5 years ago

    Pacman's just starting to heat up. Getting better with every fight. Gayweather is on the slide. Can't wait to come back on this forum and ridicule you on how badly Gayweather got beat.

  • tundraman 5 years ago

    RudyG says:
    The elephant in the room...Juan Manuel Marquez. JMM gave the little Flipo fits, twice, a draw and a close split decision in '08 many people thought JMM won. FM gave JMM a 12 round boxing lesson; made him look ridiculous. Same thing is gonna happen to the Flipo.


  • Old School Boxing Fan. 5 years ago

    Loudmouth Mayweather will finally meet his match. It's been a long time since I've been interested in a fight. I've watched Mannys last 3 fights and they're certainly way more exciting than any of Loudmouth Mayweathers 40. Seriously, as a fan I pay to watch boxing not 1 guy chasing the other around in the ring to get him to indulge in a boxing match. Yes, it's a savage sport but hey, it's what most of us want to see. A true toe to toe fight where one boxer is pounded into submission. Floyd's style is so boring that if he wasn't fighting Manny, I don't think I'd pay to see him.

    I also don't like how he's avoided all the true welterweights in his class. Mosley, Zab for instance. Those two if any are the ones Floyd should be fighting. But because the almighty dollar dictates life. Even yours and mine. Loudmouth will make sure his face/body are kept clean from the true pummeling of guys in his division. How can this guy face his fans and call himself a boxer ? A track runner, maybe...

  • BrLesnar 5 years ago

    How is Lesnar supposed to fight in July if he might need a major surgery in a couple of month? What an idiot giving such news? Nelson is a piece of crap telling everyone things which are not true. How is the freaking Nelson supposed to know more than Brock himself who did not decide anything yet or doctors who did not figure out what will happen to Brock in the nest few month?

  • gem 5 years ago

    i think pacman deserves to have more money than mayweather because pacman is the people choice boxer of the year and mayweather is picky boxer of the year, he choose a small fighter that can be beat easily not his own suppose to be 60/40 share favor pacman.let say, mayweather will try to fight humberto soto, how much money will he get if he will fight unpopular fighter?of course not much,but if he fight pacman almost one half will add for his share, but it should be pacman will get more than mayweather,at least pacman has no problem about money but mayweather has a lot of problem about money especailly his taxes,that's why mayweather wants more than pacman, because mayweather really needs money for his taxes but who cares, pacman is people choice to see in the ring not mayweather but because he wants pacman,so he got it but mayweather will get less money than pacman.the only thing why pacman wants to fight mayweather because of the fans and mayweather's mouth to shut off.

  • Fraud Gayweather 5 years ago

    Floyds weak. His time of running is over.

    To all you Floyd lovers- It's Sunday. Y'all need to clean the grease trap at the Burger Joint y'all work at. Time to wash the yellow uniforms you wear to work. Time to sit in front of the mirror and pop zits. Time to go home to where you and momma live at the projects and take out the trash. And finally, start worrying when your Pound4Pound Fraud steps in the ring and gets destroyed by Manny. Fraud's dad will have a heart attack watching his son get demolished with the speed and accuracy of the true Pound 4 Pound King of this era. Floyd will retire and then come out again coz he's so dam foolish with his money. The fights he'll choose won't be to anyone with any cred. I know this and so do Fraud's followers.

  • john 5 years ago

    your right ted!!! im a big fan of yours becoz your telling us the right and practical idea. . pacman actually deserves big than mayweather. . how can anybody say that a 4 division champ has much bigger share than 7 division champ? That's illogical!! manny by ko in 1st round. . .

  • 5 years ago

    pacquiao set a record 7 world title in 7 diff weight classes.
    "pretty close henry armstrong" +10

    pacquiao started his world title as flywieght now Welterweight.+10

    pacquiao is the highest-ranking of the four newcomers to the list is "boxer" +9

    Pacquiao is P4P king. +9

    pacquiao beat a heavier opponent. +8

    pacquiao is most impressive wins than mayweather

    pacquiao made it to TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year 2009” list which named US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as this year’s Person of the Year. +9

    "I can fight anybody" -pacquiao (he's not a gay)+10

    Mayweather told that pacquiao is no.2 when he is on top. +100

    "MONEY" pacquiao generated $1.25m ppv buy. +9

  • alpha romeo 5 years ago

    Floyd money gay waether is jus looking for a way to get out of d challenge dat was made matter fact dey should test his old man gaywaether sr cuz hes on crack jus d way he looks even gayweather jr is smokin ice da way his mouth is runnin all d time dis n dat dis n dat jus admit floyd u dont wanna loose ur first one to someone who is way better than u. u r a joke gaywaether y dont u jus retireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cuz u r a borring fighter all u do s jab jab n run to ur old mans behind