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Pacquiao vs Mayweather (video update), Mayweather talks about Pacquiao


In an effort to calm down some of the crazy Floyd Mayweather fans who are falsely accusing me of being a "racist" because I don't like the "one and lonely" Floyd Mayweather and I do like the Great Manny Pacquiao I am doing a video vlog of Mayweather talking about Pacman, and will let the  fans of boxing, decide for themselves who is right and who is going to win their upcoming fight. 

Manny Pacquiao will win the fight

Mayweather says some crazy things, like that even though he took 10 rounds to beat Hatton, and Pacquiao beat him in 2, he did a better job in the fight.  Doesn't make sense, just like Mayweather claiming he is the best fighter in the World, and that Manny doesn't have a chance against someone as great as him. Since Manny has been beaten 3 times, and Floyd never has. But then does admit that Pacquiao is the Best Pound for Pound fighter in the World, but he is the Cash King. So let me get this straight, Floyd is the better cash man, Manny is the better fighter.

Now if the fight was in a bank, I would pick Mayweather, but since it is in a boxing ring,  I am picking the "best pound for pound fighter" in the World. The Great Manny Pacman. Keep checking back over the next weeks. I will go into detail exactly how and why Pacman will win this fight.

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  • FloydFan 5 years ago

    I do believe that Ted Gambordella you are crazy and incopetent. Of course you are racist. Just for the fact that you invoke race to prove your point dialecticaly thinking I would conclude that your hidden racism came out like Rush Limbaugh. Incoherent people like you make journalism a joke. I put my money on my boy Floyd. You will feel so unconfortable after the fight with your statements because we will remind you about your lack of intelligence and blind hatred towards Floyd.

  • amigo 5 years ago

    get lost floyd fan, you guys are crazy..he is just being fair and square...

  • no pino chino oooo 5 years ago


  • MannyFan 5 years ago

    Manny in 10 by TKO. I hear Amir Khan might be fighting on the undercard. Amir already is Manny's sparring partner and also Roach is trying to get Andre Berto to spar with Manny. Team Roach must be very serious about this fight.

  • jim 5 years ago

    floyd fans hate it when people like ted and the rugged man ask the hard questions

  • MannyFan 5 years ago

    Please don't post anything if you sound like there was no schools in ghetto. No one will hear you out! You will sound ignorant. Please have sense and use logic in your words. Everyone has an opinion, that's fine! Theres nothing wrong being a fan of Floyd's or Manny's, ultimately the money is going to be split between the two. Fans are not going to get any of the money.

  • Paul 5 years ago

    Dont worry our fellow Pacfan...LETS JUST LET THIS FLOYD FAN DO SOME DIRTY and LOW BLOW attack on us, let just keep our debate clean and with the law of principles. Besides, Mannys quote " lets just see in the ring" xD he h ehe he..Manny will fight a CALCULATED FIGHT against FLOYD...WATCH n WITNESS his GREATNESS again this March. Pac haters will lose some MONEY in the bet again just like in DLH, COtto, Hatton, Marqeuz, Morales, Barrera,and more great fight by Manny that made the hatetres hate him so much for looxing them MONEY he he he he he Pac HATERS PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS OKAY!!!! ^_^

  • Paul 5 years ago

    in VEGAS we only see huge bets and lots n lots of bets of FOR MAnny. Where are this haters that saying crap about Manny?...PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!!! xD

  • boxing fan 5 years ago

    floyd still think paquiao is the same fighter when he fought marquez, he will find out when he step up the ring with manny. this guy is an idiot. his argument is about paquiao has been knockout before but that was before. paquiao is totally a different fighter now.

  • kickbutt 5 years ago

    Dude is a straight racist and who is he? who cares about what he thinks. regardless of who thinks who will win they both have to get in the ring and fight an none of us will be in the ring with them.

  • no pino chino oooo 5 years ago

    Ted Gambordella you are racist to blacks but ist ok when Floyd. beats pacman then no pino chino ooooooooooo

  • jay 5 years ago

    mayweather will do pacman just like he did the guy the beat pacman. marquez, eveyone is saying how Pac did hatton and hoya, but look what money did to marquez.. and pac did not beat him first fight. money will make pac look easy as going the bank ask for a milli. easy fight for money

  • FreshKid 5 years ago

    Your opinion is bullsh***. When Mayweather fought Oscar, Floyd was the better gifhter and P4P #1 and Oscar the cash-cow. So there also wasn't the better fighter the cash-man. And to compare wins over other boxers like Hatton is wrong, too. Boxing taught us often enough that such cross comparisons are not meaningful. If it would have happened the other way round everybody would say floyd knocked a washed-out Hatton out who was knocked out and softened by Pacquiao. So please leave such comparsions out. If Pacquiao makes such cross comparsions it is right; if Mayweather does it, it is bullsh***. So please be objective and give Floyd credit for what he has achieved. He's been a 6-times world champion, beat Hatton, de la Hoya, Gatti, Judah, Hernandez, Castillo and not to forget he gave Corrales his first defeat. Can't you show your affinity for Pacquiao by praising what the PacMan did and not by bad-mouthing Mayweather's skills and career?

  • Huna 5 years ago

    Hey Jay,
    Empirically speaking, When did Marquez beat Pacquiao? You might not have liked any of the decisions in the fights but a won or a loss is documented decision on a past event thus Marquez has never defeated Pacquiao? Under your premise that would mean that Seattle beat Pittsburgh in their Superbowl because Big Ben never crossed the plain on his touchdown, it would also mean that you believe that the Utah Jazz beat the Chicago Bulls in their match up cause Jordan pushed off on Byron Russell's right butt cheek.
    Empirically speaking, I do not think you will find any Official Boxing Record Book giving Marquez a victory over Pacquiao, as No Super Bowl book gives Seattle a victory over Pittsburgh and No NBA Record Book gives the Jazz a championship at the expense of the bulls. Sorry your opinion, OFFICIALLY doesn't matter! THe Record is in stone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pug 5 years ago

    Floyd will win. I picked Pacquiao to beat Oscar, Hatton, and Cotto but this time I'm going with Floyd. Floyd would not take this fight if he didn't think he would win. Floyd is a ducker. He's ducked Margarito, Cotto, and Mosley. He's been protecting his zero at all cost and he thinks he can beat Manny and I believe him. Floyd fights with his mind and he is the smartest boxer in the business. If he honestly thought he couldn't win he would have not taken this fight. Mayweather by decision.

  • MEXICAN 5 years ago


  • MEXICAN 5 years ago


  • MEXICAN 5 years ago


  • roel 5 years ago

    (by Manny Pacquiao)

    They asked you if you'll fight me
    And you choked on your reply
    I'd rather Arum deal with you
    Than mislead you with a lie
    And who am I to judge you,
    On what you say or do
    The fans are now beginning
    To see the real you...

    Got this song from PacLand website.
    And someday when we tats
    My LEFT will be too much
    That you have to close your eyes
    Where do you hide?
    I wanna pound you til you're white
    'Til your face breaks down and cry
    I wanna beat you
    'Til you dream and say, goodnight.

    You think you are a strategist
    That you can insult my pride
    But through your insecurities
    You're ZERO loss seemed right
    You're just another fighter
    So far from what is true
    An overrated boxer
    Who never gives his due

    And someday when we tats
    My RIGHT will be too much
    That you have to close your eyes
    Where do you hide?
    I wanna pound you til you're white
    'Til your face breaks down and cry
    I wanna beat you
    'Til you dream and say, goodn

  • Kulotzky_winnipeg 5 years ago

    If you throw a can on the floor and did not make any noise, the can is FULL. If you throw a can on the floor and it's noisy, it's an EMPTY can! Just like Mayweather.

  • pacmanfan 5 years ago

    bottomline pacman will win because god with him

  • tundraman 5 years ago

    MEXICAN: I see your still hurting inside with the Marquez loss to the PACMAN and so you jump on the GAYWEATHER band wagon. Sorry guy, it's in the books and nothing will ever change that. If only Marquez can stay off the canvas, maybe he would have won. Don't worry though, PACMAN will show Marquez how to deal with Gayweather.

  • Bleaks 5 years ago

    Pac has the best trainer and is at the top of his game! Pac is faster, stronger and with Freddie Roaches training will come up with a plan to penetrate Mayweather's defense. If you've noticed Pac's last fight with Cotto...even Cotto couldn't hurt Pac. I don't think Mayweather is a harder puncher than Cotto. You can bet that Roach and Pac will have a plan for Mayweather. Mayweather will fight the same way, but Pac is known to exploit his opponent's weaknesses. The only thing Mayweather can do if he does change the way he fights (Roach already has a plan for his old fighting way ... you can bet on that) is to go toe-to-toe with Pac and we all know that would be a bad you see, Mayweather strategically is at a disadvantage. Mayweather can only fight one way which is to counter then run, but unfortunately, Roach knows what he's going to do and Pac has the speed and power to cut him off and beat him to the counter punch. I predict Pacquiao wins by 12 round TKO!

  • Bleaks 5 years ago

    After March 13th....I doubt we'll see any Mayweather & Marquez fans writing any comments....they'll be to busy hiding from embarrassment!

  • Bleaks 5 years ago

    After March 13th (TBD)....I doubt we'll see any Mayweather & Marquez fans writing any comments....they'll be to busy hiding from embarrassment!

  • J Davidge 5 years ago

    This guy obviously does not know boxing. He says that Manny Pacquio is the better "boxer?!?" Are you kidding me???? Manny is a brawler/boxer. PBF is a pure boxer. Who is this douche bag??? He looks like he's dressed for MMA!!!

  • pato 5 years ago

    After getting CRACKS from Manny Floyd WILL retire...FOR GOOD!

  • drew rob 5 years ago

    Its not that he's racists, it's just that floyd has a big mouth and doesn't know when to shut the **** up.

    He tries to hard to stand out, he tries to be the TO of boxing.
    But IMO TO is a team player who wants to win. He may want the ball because he's competitive but he wants to win.

    Floyd is just big mouth talking whimp who ducked COTTO (when he was undefeated), mosley, Margarito.
    Mayweather didn't take this fight because he thinks he can win, he takes this fight because he's in debt with the IRS.

    BTW, I swear I almost want mayweather not to fight pacquiao so he can fight some bum and get like 400K ppv buys. Its starting to get annoying that he thinks majority of his buys are because of him.

    De La Hoya -was the money maker people got the fight because of him.
    Hatton - He had the british fans
    marquez - he had the mexican fans and first fight out of retirement...

    Pac had - morales 3 times, marquez 2 times, cotto, hatten and dlh.

    Much more impressive

  • WonderfuL 5 years ago

    Why is everyone comparing what Floyd did to Marquez? PAC fought him like 20 pounds ago and was not near the boxer he is now, Floyd is a bitch! He's gonna get touched like never before. All you money mayweather fans put your money where your mouth is!! Pac's gonna body this guy and put money and my pocket! Place ya bets suckas!! Pacquiao is the truth! No speculations!

  • Los Angeles,alifas ,MexiAmeri. 5 years ago

    can somebady tell me why pacquiao didn't wanted to fight Marquez for the thr, time fight why. i kwon why is because hi s scared .

  • Los Angeles,alifas ,MexiAmeri. 5 years ago


  • Chris Reyes 5 years ago

    Manny is not scared of Marquez. Marquez has to go in line to fight Manny now. Mayweather and Pacquiao is the perfect fight. Whoever wins gets my respect. As long as they really box in the ring. If Floyd starts to run around the ring, that is BS.

  • Los Angeles,califas ,MexiAmeri. 5 years ago


  • Chris Reyes 5 years ago

    If Mayweather loses in this fight, people will still have a lot of say against Manny Pacquiao. If Floyd Mayweather wins some will say BS things. The best fighter who really wins on March 13, 2010 is the one who will knock down or knock out the other guy. Everybody has their own opinion. Let the fist do the talking who is greatest on March 13, 2010. NO knock down, NO winner for me.

  • Los Angeles,califas ,MexiAmeri. 5 years ago


  • Los Angeles,califas ,MexiAmeri. 5 years ago


  • WonderfuL 5 years ago

    Why is everyone comparing what Floyd did to Marquez? PAC fought him like 20 pounds ago and was not near the boxer he is now, Floyd is a bitch! He's gonna get touched like never before. All you money mayweather fans put your money where your mouth is!! Pac's gonna body this guy and put money and my pocket! Place ya bets suckas!! Pacquiao is the truth! No speculations!

  • MoneyPack 5 years ago

    Manny Pacquiao decked JMM not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 times in the most humiliating bouts i have ever seen. Mayweather can't even deliver the same feat as Manny did.

    In my book MP beat JMM twice and Pacquiao ain't afraid of nobody. He dismantle Hatton, decimate Cotto and on March 13 he will annihilate the African Ebola, 'nuff said.

  • stonecold 5 years ago

    Los Angeles,califas ,MexiAmeri: Because Marquez has nothing to offer after taking a beating. he couldn't bring his speed and power up to the higher weight classes. Besides, after seeing what Marquez has been doing with his own urine , only Gayweather would fight him cause Gayweather loves c--k. Gayweather was sniffing Marquez all night long that's why the fight lasted 12 rounds. Nobody will pay to watch Marquez lose again. Marquez might want to fight Gaylinaggi, another one who loves c--k.

  • MexicanFanofPacman 5 years ago

    Hey to all the bitter mexican fans that are mad at Pac-man cause he has slaughtered all the latinos fighters he has gone up against let me tell ya something, you sound stupid! He whooped De La Hoya, JMM, Marquez, Barrera and Cotto fair and square! Well not so fair because he put the beat down on them...except for the two Marquez fights.
    So go ahead and root for one of the most boring, cocky, disgrace of a boxer to ever walk in the ring while I root for the most exciting, fearless and humble boxer to ever walk in.

  • cris 5 years ago

    there are things here which is clear to me. runner is different from fighter. mayweather as runner, pacman as fighter. . mayweather should not even be part of top 10 p4p. . perhaps, in marathon. . .

  • cris 5 years ago

    mayweather vs pacman? I wod rather love to see pacman fighting mosley. . at least, we can expect exciting and great fight. but mayweather? hahaha. . expect a marathon and boring fight!!! pacman by ko 1st round. .

  • john 5 years ago

    your right cris!! it's like saying that mayweather is nothing but little brown fox!!! he's bragging on his record but you see, he was only cherry picking. why? becoz your afraid to lose to great fighters like pacman, mosley, cotto and margarito? Mayweather, your such a big coward and idiot!!!

  • LENG LYNN 5 years ago


  • joseph 5 years ago

    maywather is to scared to fight pacquiao because he knows hes gonna loose and pacquiao is a warrior and mayweather is just a punk,and im telling you mayweather will get knocked on his ass,trust me.

  • joseph 5 years ago

    when is maywet.her and pacquiao gonna figt

  • joseph 5 years ago

    when is mayweather and pacquiao gonna fight i really want to know everybody is waiting for this fight.

  • joseph 5 years ago

    pacquiao is my favorite boxing fighter.

  • asianpride 5 years ago

    nahhhh floyd is just a chicken crapp.... he's got a real figther in in front of him but here he is and just talking crap and scared of getting in the ring with a real MANNNNNN..... you talk a lot and do you here PACQUIO talking crapp about you come on man just be a MAN for once..............

  • benhar 5 years ago

    Asking for Olympic Drug testing is SUCKING PEOPLE'S BLOOD! and guest why Mayweathers Jr and Sr insist this! because it's the only way they can beat Pacman...Drain his BLOOD and Weakened him! it's the only way Mayweather can reach 12 round not being knock out and go judges decision where we all know can turn around the decision just like what happen with Zab Juddah! Whatelse??? Because it's the only way Mayweather can take the punch of a heavy puncher!!!Sucked his Blood! This is Boxing way not Mayweather's way! All great boxer fought and did'nt complain of the way the testing is done coz it's legal and fair! now because his afraid to fight Pacman and for sure he will lose the fight they are cheating Pacman and the boxing world! Common Mayweather! be a man and Champion! dont be Coward! Show the world and all the American that you deserve to be the best in boxing and best pound for pound! Shut your mouth about the drug test and fight like a man! Be a hero and not a VAMPIRE!