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Pacquiao vs. Bradley II: Beverly Hills 41214

Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley have gone Hollywood.

Manny Pacquiao gears up for the rematch with Bradley
Chris Farina/Top Rank

Kicking off the promotional theatre for part “deux”, Pacquiao could be seen going GQ in the mirror while fixing his tie prior to their LA kickoff.

Tim Bradley was also in devastatingly sharp attire, as both warriors looked like proud and regal ambassadors for the sport on Monday in the “City of Angels”.

Maybe their wives went away and let them go through the closet for HBO’s “Face-Off” rematch attire (I'm pretty sure TMZ or Joan Rivers would abuse their terrible style choices), but stylistically, their 2nd showdown should be quite dapper.

It’s not every day that “the champ” wants to atone for a win and bounce back from what looked to be defeat. Yet, that’s where Tim is, and April 12th is where he wants to be.

As for me, I'll be eagerly awaiting their arrival to New York after they leave Los Angeles (they wrapped up a cool commercial shoot in Beverly Hills).

This feels like an extended boxing television teen drama starring adults- and I love it.

For example: Juan Manuel Marquez will probably be there too, not surprisingly, and for good reason. I can’t prove this, but I don’t believe Juan hired “Memo” Heredia for no reasons other than he could help him successfully cheat against Pacquiao in fight “IV”.

Bradley had his suspicions as well, and made Marquez very aware of this before they fought recently.

Marquez despises Tim’s ass for this. Plus, he lost to him clearly (despite his whining), and couldn't claim the WBO belt he so desperately wanted, just so that he could pull the firm upper hand and spite Pacquiao in fight “V” negotiations.

Marquez has all but gone viral with his desire to get even with Tim - or settle things once and for all- in his classic NBA Playoff-like saga with Pacquiao. I can’t read Juan’s mind and he hasn't made an official prediction, but I think he feels Pacquiao will win this rematch.

Or even hopes he will.

Timothy Bradley is not a box-office bonanza, while a 5th war with Pacquiao is a summer blockbuster no matter the season.

All of which stacks up favorably if you're trying to script your finish perfectly and your name is Manny Pacquiao.

We know the movie based on his life, “Manny” (which is sensational), comes out for official release soon. But he’d make a strong case for a sequel if 2014 lines up the way it appears it can for him.

Bob Arum will not hesitate to put “Pacquiao vs. Marquez V” together in the fall if Manny beats Bradley to reclaim the WBO welterweight title.

The only way this fight doesn't happen then, or gets delayed into 2015, is if Floyd Mayweather finally gives in to international demand and faces Pacquiao in September.

I still believe that will happen.

This show has been running for over 5 years now, making it no threat to challenge “Beverly Hills 90210” for longevity, but definitely eclipsing it in drama.

The Winter Olympics in Sochi start on Feb.6th or the same day that Pacquiao and Bradley come to New York.

Let the games begin.

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