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Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2: Rematch or Remake? Bring on the testing

Is this fight a Rematch? Let's bring on the testing
Is this fight a Rematch? Let's bring on the testing
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The boxing world has dealt with its pros and cons in a sport that is loved by so many. It's recognized all over the world as the "sweet science." Many fans who examine this sometimes brutal sport can't seem to get enough. Anytime there's a good match up on the schedule—it seems to always get attention. Well, anytime the name Manny Pacquiao is a part of the conversation, most fight fans and observers alike stop and listen.

On April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao will take on undefeated welterweight champion Timothy Bradley for a rematch, whom he lost a controversial 12-round split decision against back in 2012. This time a certified World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will handle unannounced drug testing for both fighters. This testing is what Nevada State Athletic Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar called "stepped up drug and hormone testing."

There were issues surrounding this testing and how it will be performed since Pacquiao's training usually starts in his homeland of the Philippines. That country which apparently rules out the United States Anti-Doping Agency does not make testing easy for those who want to see both fighters clean and drug-free.

This type of testing is amped up in a way where testing samples will undergo a procedure called isotope-ratio mass spectrometry. It is said that this kind of testing is designed to detect exogenous testosterone from outside the body. It is supposed to be the best available on the market today and only used by experts. It’s these types of unannounced test that assures the boxing public that every measure is being taken, which will also make fighters think twice about using illegal enhanced substances to gain an edge against their opponent. Safety first should always be on the top agenda in this sport or any sport for that matter.

If you ask some of boxing biggest fans about this match up, some will tell you that this rematch could be a very dangerous fight for Pacquiao. More than likely Bradley will show up for this fight in tip top condition and ready to prove what wasn't clear in the first fight and that is—him being truly the better man. Some feel that Pacquiao on the other hand has more pressure riding on him, because the fight he really wanted was a showdown with boxing’s pound-for-pound king Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr., and for a third time it never materialized.

What most fight fans and boxing pundits fear most is a less than stellar performance or another loss against Bradley, which could easily put an undeniable damper on Pacquiao's quest for Mayweather Jr. Something like that could certainly jeopardize it all and could be the last straw that might seal the deal on this huge mega fight ever happening. Now—for most fans, that would be sad.

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