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Pacquiao: The Silence of The Lamb

Pacquiao latest statement is the boldest one yet in his saga with Mayweather.
Pacquiao latest statement is the boldest one yet in his saga with Mayweather.
Photo by Gallo Images/Getty Images

On this day, Martin Luther King's Day here in America, Manny Pacquiao decided he had a dream today. One that included getting Floyd Mayweather in an actual combat ring, instead of a ring of media theatre.

Having decided that enough is enough, the Filipino congressman and national icon issued an edict to the brash and undefeated champ in this article [see here].

In his boldest statement to date, Pacquiao declared he is willing to fight Mayweather "anytime, anywhere", would fight him "for charity and for free", and in point blank fashion challenged "Floyd, if you're a real man, fight me".


This is well after meeting demands for any testing that he required, fingerprints he may want, who enters the ring first, whose name appears on the marquee first, what fight music is to be played when he enters the ring, acknowledgement that he is the PPV king, the guarantee that Floyd will appear on a box of Wheaties...

Alright I'm getting into semantics- but you get the point.

He's done everything short of being Shane Mosley and interrupting him during a post fight interview and demanding to fight him.


After this edict that Pacquiao has issued to him, on the heels of his being called "a desperate dog" in an article by THE RING and various other recent insults from Mayweather, Pacquiao placed a put up or shut ultimatum right on Floyd's doorstep.

In short, Floyd has run out of real estate to run on and completely out of excuses [see some of those here]. Many high profile boxing analysts and outlets have also placed the blame directly on Mayweather for this fight not taking place, and have noted that it is he that has been reluctant to face Manny Pacquiao.

There can be no other translation to Floyd's lamb-like silence in response to Pacquiao's request that they fight for charity days ago. What is he going to say now that Pacquiao has actually questioned his manhood?

Will he turn turn to FightHype for another article of dubious merit while assailing Pacquiao further in a media war? How relevant is Alex Ariza's alleged methods when comparing his use of Lidocaine? Why did Floyd's legal team decide to settle the legal case he lost to Pacquiao when his alleged PED use was brought up?

Does he want ESPN's Dan Rafael to point this out? [note: It was Dan Rafael who went public with actual court proceedings at the time the case was settled]

If you are indeed the pound for pound champ Floyd Mayweather, then you'll come to actual terms and face him in the ring. Only someone with fear wages a war in the media. You cannot escape your legacy or destiny itself, for your name is inexorably linked with Pacquiao's for the rest of your life regardless.

Given your stature, you're "0", and what you've accomplished, you don't want all of that to go away by losing to Pacquiao. You've stated this on video and indirectly in so many ways that you just don't want to fight him. Don't continue to insult someone because of your own inferiority complex and insecurity.

The real problem is- and you know this- is that you can't win by avoiding him. You also have the non-luxury of knowing that if you do, history and the public will judge you harshly.

For all you've done to go undefeated, that combination punch will make you feel like the biggest loser in the history of the sport.


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