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Pacquiao's Blind Loyalty and the Ensuing Death Spiral

Brad Cooney

It was a few years ago when I first started getting sources that would tell me things off of the record concerning Manny Pacquiao's reckless spending habits. The story of Pacquiao's financial issues go beyond just some prior gambling problems. Recent reports are pointing the finger at Pacquiao's adviser Michael Koncz, and his promoter Bob Arum. There are all kinds of accusations flying around. I'm not writing this article to blame Top Rank or Michael Koncz. I'll let the appropriate people do that when and if the time comes. What this article is about is how Pacquiao simply refuses to take matters into his own hands.

It's one thing to be a loyal friend. It's another thing to be so blinded with loyalty that you fly into a fire like a moth does. Some of us that have been on the outside, but have had secret windows to look through into the inside have seen this day coming. We all had a glimmer of hope when Pacquiao hired Vision Quest to audit his financial books. The company found and exposed some interesting facts, and it pointed out major discrepancies in Manny's bank accounts. It looked liked Manny was on a path to have his financial life fixed, and all would be better. It was at this point when Pacquiao's adviser Michael Koncz raced across the Pacific for a closed door meeting. Following this meeting Pacquiao would oddly enough fire Vision Quest. Seems pretty fishy to me.

Pacquiao has a history of turning a blind eye. He continues to keep people in his circle that have motives. Why? At some point he better open up his eyes and see that certain people are weighing him down. He better realize that keeping a bunch of "YES" men in his circle will do nothing but propel him to certain failure. I don't understand why people that attain wealth do not learn from others. Mike Tyson comes to mind. There are plenty of others that have fallen from grace. Pacquiao needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

According to sources, Pacquiao takes large cash advances prior to his fights. This means that by the time he gets his purse for fighting, most, if not all of the money is already gone. He has to pay back the advances. Then mix in the 18 million dollars that he supposedly owes to the United States Government, and the additional millions that he owes in the Philippines, and you have one great big financial crisis. Again, he had his chance to get all of this fixed when Vision Quest stepped in. Why Pacquiao would fire the very group that he hired to fix his financial woes is beyond logical comprehension.

How can Manny expect for the Filipino people to take him seriously as a political leader if he can't even manage his own finances? People expect leadership. Pacquiao as nice as he is does not show the type of leadership that warrants high political office. He can't even rid himself of the low down leeches that surround him. It's either that he can't, or he just won't. Either scenario is troublesome.

At some point Pacquiao needs to clean up his circle or he'll end up as one of the biggest failures in decades. A man that's earned millions and millions of dollars all for not. I've met Pacquiao a few times. Each time I've met him, he's been a kind man. This isn't a personal attack on Manny. This is all about his decision making. For every action in life there's a reaction. Every decision that Pacquiao makes has a consequence. Smart decisions usually make positive results. Stupid decisions usually make negative results. Wake up Manny

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