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Pacquiao mom hex: Did Manny Pacquiao's mom put a hex on Timothy Bradley?

Pacquiao vs. Bradley
Pacquiao vs. Bradley
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Did Manny Pacquiao's mom put a hex on Timothy Bradley? On April 13, the New York Daily News reported that Dionisia Pacquiao stood holding rosary beads and a prayer card and appeared to be cursing her son's opponent, Timothy Bradley. The whole thing went down in Las Vegas this weekend at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

"The elderly woman glared menacingly while reading aloud a prayer and pointing her right middle finger, presumably in Bradley's direction," reports the New York Daily News. The (presumably) bad vibes didn't last long, however. Pacquiao's mom was all smiles after the fight, even hugging Bradley.

Pacquiao's mom and the hex scandal lit up the Internet on Monday. Many people wonder whether or not the devout Catholic was actually cursing Bradley or if she was saying some other kind of prayer. The look on her face and the pointing of her finger was really the dead give away. Dionisia Pacquiao looked really angry and whatever she was saying didn't appear to be pleasant.

Ironically (or not), Manny Pacquiao won the fight. Perhaps that's why his mom was so happy afterward. You'd hate to think what his mother would have said (or did) had her son lost...

Did Pacquiao's mom's hex help him win the WBO welterweight title? Sound off in the comments below.