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A long time ago, in galaxies far, far away (well alright, we're talking the space between the US and the Philippines), people started talkin a lot of sh*t about a superfight.

Floyd: Sith Lord. Manny: Jedi Knight. May the whatever force be with you.

They would boldly throw like no two men have done before, and explore the depths of their souls.

They would only test Olympic sized hearts, and the only performance enhancing drug surging through their veins would be natural adrenaline.

Floyd Mayweather, Dark Lord of the boxing Sith, is a man of mystical powers. Trained in the Jedi arts by his father and his uncle, they all turned to the dark side for the hell of it, using force to turn back every challenge with ruthless authority. Unblemished, unbeaten and just about un-everything, “Pretty Boy Floyd” reigns as the undisputed master of fistic lightsabre combat. But a threat to bring down his empire has reverberated throughout space, while raising questions about his supremacy in the universe.

His anger- and his hate- has never been stronger.

Manny Pacquiao, Royal Prince of the boxing Jedi, is a man of regal presence and an apex predator. In turning back the advances of the Sith, the uber-fast and aggressive firefighter (trained by a foul-mouthed Ben Kenobi-like good guy with glasses) has vanquished an even more formidable cauldron of fighters than the Dark Lord. Combining a two-fisted, menacing lightsabre-like assault, Manny strikes with uncanny precision without fear.

They meet, on the remote planet of Arum, after Emperor Al Haymon reaches a secretive and nefarious agreement with God knows who.

The bad guy music (yea- that music, the music you hear whenever Vader appears) starts playing as Floyd makes his way to the ring. He is in the darkest, most spectacularly diamond emblazoned robe ever seen, as a hoodie covers his clean skull. In spectacular condition, the arena is full of ominous silence and impending doom, as he slowly treks toward this historic confrontation. Skin glistening with moisture, his eyes reveals a dark and cold rage, as he seeks to silence this renowned hero once and for all.

The good guy music (yep- that music, the music you hear whenever the rebels appear) starts playing as Manny gleefully paces forward to challenge the Sith. The arena erupts into festive cheer. Clad in the brilliant colors of his nation and with a headband on that reads “Hardwork! Devastation!”, the immaculately conditioned Pacquiao smiles all the way up to the squared circle. He has waited for this epic saga to occur, and so has the rest of the galaxy.

They meet in the center of the ring after the hottest introductions you've ever heard in your life.

Loose and offering plenty of rhythmic movement in strange sequences, Pacquiao measures a very calculated and guarded Mayweather. The Sith Lord is on high alert and has immediately unveiled the fastest, most thematic reflexes you've ever seen from him.

He is surprisingly coming straight at Pacquiao, albeit in very cautious fashion, while looking for any opportunity to release singular strikes and counter.

The side to side movement of Pacquiao and his footwork is making it difficult for him to read him, as he tricks Floyd into letting his hands go. This results in Floyd being countered himself with a lightening quick straight left that lands flush.

And so it begins.

**Classic battles for space and distance control. **Fierce exchanges. **Sharp straight right hand leads. **Piercing left jabs. **Punishing right hooks. **Slick pull back counter shots. **Beautiful footwork . **Tremendous body shots. **Unbelievable hand speed and combination punching. **Laser-like individual strikes. **Shifts in strategy. **Never before seen swelling and cuts.** A Mongoose and a Cobra fight. **More fierce exchanges. **More never before seen swelling and cuts. **An epic and unforgettably breathtaking 10th round. **A never before seen knockdown. **A shocking 11th round KO. **A passionate hero over a remorseless villain.

The Revenge of The Jedi.

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