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Pacquiao gunning for convincing win over Rios

Sources on the ground in the Philippines are reporting that Manny Pacquiao is busting up sparring partners left and right. If true, this is exactly the kind of camp and mindset the 8 division champ needs to have. If Pacquiao can reignite that fire that he once had and plow through Rios, it would be just what the doctor ordered.

Pacquiao has to win this fight big. If the reports that I am getting from his camp are true, then the fire may be back and that doesn't bode well for Rios. Manny is much faster than Rios. If he uses his speed, and doesn't make stupid mistakes, he should be able to carve up Rios and cruise on to a big win. If he makes a mistake, and Rios catches him, it could be an interesting fight. Nobody knows how Manny will react after getting brutally knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.

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Pacquiao's fans are starving for a win. They got robbed of a win when Pacquiao fought Bradley. Does anyone honestly believe that Bradley won that fight? Really? Then of course he was knocked out by JMM, and we can all agree that he lost fair and square in that one. So now Pacman faces Rios. A strong kid that likes to mix it up, and likes to come forward. Rios will have to deal with Pacquiao's speed, which has not diminished much if at all. Rios will have issues with Manny's speed, make no bones about that.

Pacquiao knows that this is a big fight for him. He knows that a third loss in a row would greatly injure his stock. He knows that his pound for pound ranking would also drop. It would drop to the point where mega million dollar fights would be more difficult for him to get. This is the biggest fight of Manny's career and he knows it. Again, if the reports coming out of Pacquiao's training camp are true, Rios should be on notice.

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