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Pacquiao fans chime in on big fight Vs. Rios

It's been quite awhile since the rabid Pacquiao fans have seen their idol in the ring. Pacquiao according to my sources is crushing sparring partners. This is good news for Pacquiao fans, and not so good news for Brandon Rios. Apparently Manny knows how big this fight is. He knows that he's got to win this fight, and win it big. When Pacquiao was knocked out by JMM, millions of his fans were left stunned, and silenced. Nobody expected such a brutal ending to the fight. Pacquiao's fans were dealt a blow. It was as if they too were knocked out that night. The good news for Pacquiao is that he's got millions of loyal fans out there that are sticking by his side.

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I recently went out our city fair in Jackson, MS and asked some of the boxing fans what their thoughts were on Manny's ring return Vs Rios. I spoke with Jon Jackson who's a Pacquiao fan and asked him how he felt about Manny return, "I can't wait to see him in the ring again. I want blood. I want to settle scores. I pray Manny destroys Rios."
I saw a Filipino about 20 yards away from me. He was wearing a jacket that had the flag of the Philippines on the back of it. I walked up to him and after introducing myself, I asked him, "How do you think Manny will do Vs. Rios?" The fan said, 'If Manny focuses and if he has a strong camp, he will knock Rios out. I have no doubt about it." That is what the general consensus is.

Most boxing insiders also feel that Pacquiao will be too fast, and in too good of shape for Rios to handle. Rios tends to get hit a lot. Pacquiao is the wrong guy to stand in front of if you can't match his speed.The bix X factor here is how much does Manny have left? He was winning the fight Vs. Marquez when he got caught. He beat Tim Bradley rather easily, even though he was robbed on the cards. Personally, I think he has plenty left in the tank.

It's more of a mental aspect that I'm concerned with. If Manny is clear minded, and focused, he should win this fight easy. If not, Rios can win One thing is for certain. Manny still has millions of fans, and they are loyal fans. He may have slipped a bit in the rankings, but he's not slipped with his loyal fan base.

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