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Pacquiao controls second half of fight, reclaims title

After six rounds of boxing, this writer had Pacquiao-Bardley 2 even. Timothy Bradley was boxing very effectively and landing some clean punches that kept Manny Pacquiao honest.

Then, for some reason, Bradley decided to begin showboating and invite Pacquiao in, looking for a knockout, and Pacquiao took advantage of his opportunities when presented. At one point, after Bradley, leaning on the ropes, motioned his hands for Pacquiao to come forward, Pacquiao landed an eight shot combination that visibly hurt Bradley.

Bradley never truly recovered as Pacquiao took over down the stretch. In some of the rounds that Pacquiao won, most notably rounds six through 10, he really didn't do anything except counter effectively when Bradley would throw wild haymakers. Pacquiao, normally a high volume puncher, actually threw less punches in this fight than Bradley.

Bradley did appear as if he was coming back to life in the championship rounds, however, Pacquiao still landed the cleaner punches. Bradley should have been awarded round 11, while rounds 10 and 12, although close, should have been scored for Pacquiao.

The three ringside judges scored the bout 118-110 (a little wide), 116-112 and 116-112, all for Pacquiao. The Atlanta Boxing Examiner also scored the fight eight rounds to four for Pacquiao.

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