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Pacquiao can live without Mayweather, but Floyd can't live with him.
Pacquiao can live without Mayweather, but Floyd can't live with him.
Photo by Nicky Loh/Getty Images

Can’t leave Pac alone this lame needs me

Hater go and clap ya dome- it’s that easy

Manny Pacquiao, Born Again Rapper (Uh… JK ;)

Oh it must not be easy being Floyd Mayweather. A little over 2 years removed from declaring Manny Pacquiao was “next”, now the only thing we can say about this unmitigated lie from the cowardice infused champ, is just what he may say about him “next”.

The truth has a way of hurting someone in a way that a lie cannot. Don't believe me? Try this…

When someone lies to you, it’s not so much that they lied to you; it’s that they told you the truth about who they really are.

That’s the part that hurts.

Compound this with the fact that you now have the knowledge – knowledge that they lie to themselves- and it becomes insulting to know that you once held them in high regard.

That is, unless you too are this type of personality, and if that’s the case, because I care, I sentence you to listen to Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” while staring at yourself until you get the point.

I believe Floyd Mayweather is in pain over the truth about himself- and Manny Pacquiao.

Let’s pretend we're in High School for a minute, which is a place Floyd still apparently visits these days. Only a teenager would act as Floyd has in the media, who as soon as they put their pens down after writing about him- knew and know he’s full of sh*t.

If he had the enormity of his “Money” and persona, a malcontented teenage boy could influence people in the media to write favorable things for him. People will become whores for “Money”.

Not that he has- I'm just saying ;).

A few days ago, I wrote an article that was loaded with more truth than a perfect government witness (where you at Memo Heredia? You there??). To wit- just reference this piece about him and his beloved “FloydHype” [<--click there why don't cha]. Maybe, just maybe, that influenced some recently released articles.

One was a really good one, which paraphrased a lot of this chump’s rhetoric. I want you to see it- so click here for it when you get a chance.

Let’s say that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier respectively. Let’s even say that Pacquiao is broke (which he isn’t by the way, that situation has been resolved).

Now let’s reverse the roles.

In very real life, it was Ali who was full of ostentatious pomp, vitriol and scorn for Frazier. Ali had just come off of a proud stance against the government and subsequent exile.

He was also flat broke and really did need Joe Frazier. And the world needed and demanded that fight.

Over the last 40 years, only Floyd Mayweather has KILLED MANNY PACQUIAO in front of a worldwide media, similar to the way that Ali obliterated Frazier.

But alas, there’s a difference, and I'm about to make two very key points.

The first is they actually “fought” in that epic 1971 encounter that the world demanded. Frazier could've denied Ali that fight, but he didn't, because his spirit was very similar to that of Pacquiao. He never responded to Ali out of the ring- he just waited for him to get in it.

Ali, one of the bravest men who’s ever lived, could not wait to engage Frazier, so that they could settle the championship of each other.

And there is where the similarity to Ali ends if you’re Floyd Mayweather. Matter of fact, you should make a face like someone just farted- and it really stinks – if someone even tries to mention Floyd’s name in connection with Ali (or Pacquiao for that matter).

Mayweather’s blatant avoidance of Pacquiao and decision to wage war with him in media and Christmas cards is historically shameful and embarrassing.

Imagine what kind of hole the sport would have in it if either Ali or Frazier denied us their greatness. Can you even say that either of them really lost those 3 fights?

We all won, just like we're all losing now, because Floyd Mayweather is such a committed loser.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, has been nothing short of remarkable in how he’s handled Mayweather’s attempts to kill him in this New Year 2014. In fact, his reaction is even more remarkable than was Frazier’s given there was no internet, cell phones, or social media.

Pacquiao has ignored him and smiled.

In a world where bullying is an issue, Pacquiao has refused to take the bait, taking the high road instead of looking at how low Mayweather's is. Let's not forget Floyd was already successfully sued for slander by Pacquiao either.

Think Floyd's forgotten that? Me either. Wouldn't you want to fight someone who you lost to in court? Me too.

I “faked” Pacquiao’s death as a fighter this morning- and my own as a writer – for cause and effect. The outpouring of emotion was a little alarming and quite humbling via cell phone, social media and e-mails.

If we were to lose Pacquiao this year, we would lose the most courageous and most beloved little man the Asian peninsula and much of the world has ever known.

He has never forgotten abject poverty, dealt with his shortcomings publicly, and has repeatedly overcome adversity in his legendary career. He has nothing to prove, and I for one hope he does indeed retire at year’s end.

For you Floyd I offer this.

Only losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success. Because thoughts reveal imagination in our actions, we know you think you're a failure in a corner opposite Pacquiao.

And just think… For alllllllllllllll the money you have, you can’t buy anything to change your mind. And that includes a reporter.

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