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Does anyone really believe that Timothy Bradley actually beat Manny Pacquiao? I guess there's a few people out there that may think so, but anyone that knows anything about boxing knows that it should have been Pacquiao that got the victory in the first fight.

My question today is, just how mad was Pacquiao when he found out that he had lost on the judges cards that night? Pacquiao is notoriously smiling, and rarely shows a negative side, but I'm guessing he was pretty pissed off that night.

Now that the rematch is a done deal, both fighters begin the preparation and hard work. Reports are that Pacquiao has been crushing sparring partners, and has looked tremendous thus far. Is this is a sign? Will Pacquiao remove the thorn in his side? Will be go for a knockout? I believe so.

I think Pacquiao is going to go for the knockout Vs. Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao isn't happy about how he was robbed in their last fight. Don't be fooled by Manny's kind smile, and gentle demeanor, he's going to be gunning for Bradley. Pacquiao wants to put a stamp on Bradley's head. Pacquiao wants to send a statement to everyone in boxing that he's not only not washed up, but he's back to his killer ways in that ring.

This is going to be a good fight. Bradley also wants to send a statement. He believes that he did win the first fight. There are not too many that agree with him, but he feels how he feels. He wants to send his own statement. I know this much, if he chooses to stand and exchange with Pacquiao, he may be in for a short night. Pacquiao will welcome a brawl.

Freddie Roach wants a knockout too. Roach didn't like how his fighter got robbed either. Roach is old school so take this to the bank, he's told Pacquiao to go for the knockout. Roach doesn't like losing, and he certainly doesn't like losing VIA cheating, or incompetence. Bradley won the first fight, but again, most know it wasn't a fair shake. Pacman was robbed, and that's just the bottom line. Roach doesn't forget easily. He remembers how his guy was robbed. He knows how hard Manny works in camp, and he knows that the camp was all for not because of bad scoring. Roach wants blood, and so does Manny. This could be a very interesting night.

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