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Packt Publishing celebrates 2000th title

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When you run a small business, you often have to do it yourself. Computer-technical projects are sometimes the most difficult, because there is not always a good place to get accurate information to make it effective and understandable.

Packt Publishing is one of the top publishers of technical books and videos that you can actually use to do stuff. Packt published its first title in 2004, and was at first concerned mostly with open-source technologies. They are still putting out great titles about open-source projects.

Do you want to learn how to code in Python, or C, or Java? Packt has a series of titles, books and videos to make that possible. Do you want to implement big data in your organization? Packt has titles to help you. Do you want to design games for Android or Apple's iPhone? You guessed it. Packt has the books and videos to show you how.

When you want to understand how Drupal modules are built, get the "Drupal 7 Module Development" book from Packt Publishing. While you're there, look at their free ebooks and started learning about new applications that you have never seen before. Packt Publishing has books you can use to bring your coworkers up to speed. Packt should be in your favorites list as a source for indepth technical books.

As your career changes and your project focus changes, Packt has the information you needs. Packt titles are there to show you the newest features in Kali Linux, Metasploit Framework and Sikuli. They are having a special event right now to celebrate their 2000th title, so go to Packt Publishing today and get involved. #Packt2k



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