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Packing Your Perfume Made Easy With Travalo

Fragrance is always the finishing touch to any fabulous fashion frock but carrying around a big bottle for an afternoon refresh can weigh down an already packed purse.And traveling with those bulky bottles can be a recipe for disaster as they get bumped and possibly broken by overzealous baggage handling. Portable atomizers have been available for a while but they require decanting your fragrance and using funnels which can be frustrating, messy , and costly due to potential mid-fill spills. But The Travalo takes the atomizer to the next level and eliminates the muss and fuss of filling due to its pump and fill design. Simply remove the spray cap from your perfume bottle, place the Travalo in its place and simply pump to fill the atomizer. The clear window on the side shows you when its full or when you need to refill. See the video to see how easy it is. It does not leak or spill and holds up to 50 sprays. Its compact design fits easily in your purse or briefcase and Travalo bottles are aircraft approved which means your favorite olfactory elixirs can log some serious frequent flyer miles in your carry on luggage. The classic Travalo comes in 8 colors : Silver, Gold, Black, Blue , Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, and Red and retails for $15.99. The excel model comes in a protective case, comes in 10 colors: Silver,Gold, Black, Blue, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple , Red, Green and Orange and retails for $20.00. Buy several and match the colors to your perfume bottles to make selection a snap and to have a portable fragrance bar at your fingertips. Visit to order or to find a store near you that carries them. Check out the video to see how it works.