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Packing the freezer

Packing frozen foods into the freezer
Photo by David Becker/ Getty Images

You have been grocery shopping and have brought the food home. The grocery bags are unpacked and you see all the food that needs to go into the freezer. After taking a look at the freezer, it seems like all the frozen food items will not fit in there. Divide the meats into freezer zip-lock bags and containers. Be sure and turn the freezer temperature to a colder setting, to initially freeze the frozen foods faster. In a few days, turn the freezer temperature back to a normal setting.

Begin by putting big frozen food items in the back of the freezer. Then, while still working in the back of the freezer, continue to stack frozen foods up to the top of the freezer. Next, stack the frozen foods in the front of the freezer- up to the top of the freezer. Keep closing the freezer door to make sure the door will shut tightly. Put small sized frozen foods into small plastic trays in the freezer door shelves.

Remember, that once food freezes, some frozen foods will have expanded and may cause the freezer door to not seal tightly shut. Shut the freezer door. Check periodically to see if the freezer door becomes slightly ajar. If this happens, see what can be re-arranged or removed if needed and placed into the refrigerator, to prepare for a later meal.


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