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Packing Savvy for Your Honeymoon

Mostly it’s common sense, but sometimes packing for a honeymoon can be a little tricky when you’ve got so many other things on your mind. Here are 10 helpful tips to assist you in being savvy as you load the luggage for your romantic getaway.

1. Think Light. Avoid over-packing by including only what you need for clothing. Choose mix-and-match clothing and limit jeans to one pair per person. Remember your swimwear, and pack just one formal outfit each. You can always purchase an outfit or two while away if needed or wanted, which can serve as a fun memento from your honeymoon. By packing lightly you’ll not have to struggle with transporting heavy luggage, and your wallet may thank you if you can avoid paying for any extra, unnecessary pieces of luggage.

2. Romantic Antics Included. Packing light does not mean you have to eliminate things of the romantic nature. Pack a small gift to give your spouse once you’ve arrived at your honeymoon destination and settled into your room. Include honeymoon gear such as “Just Married” t-shirts, flip-flops that leave fun marriage-related sayings in the sand and special lingerie! Travel-size candles, massage oils and an mp3 player loaded with your favorite romantic songs will also enhance your honeymoon experience; not to mention, they don’t take up much room!

3. Complimentary Provisions. Inquire what your hotel/resort has to offer you as a honeymooning couple and as free standard items per room. Shampoo, conditionerl, bars of soap, a hair dryer, and an alarm clock are often standard items. If your hotel provides these things free of charge, then there is no need to include them when you’re packing your suitcases.

4. Besides Love, What Is In the Air? Check the weather forecast for the area you will be visiting. Pack according to the most current weather predictions and remember to allow for temperature variances. There is no need to pack shorts for a romantic getaway on the slopes, and there is no need to pack heavy sweaters for tropical destinations. They aren’t necessary and just take up suitcase space.

5. Single Servings. Pack your bags at the same time as your spouse or check with him before you consider yourself packed and ready to go. Avoid packing duplicate items such as contact solution, toothpaste, nail clippers, aspirin, sunscreen and other toiletries. This way you’ll have more room for souvenirs!

6. Rolling or Flat, Not Folded. To save suitcase space, try rolling or lying clothes flat. Folded clothes generally take up more room in a suitcase.

7. Stick Together. Keep important documents and items in your carry-on bag. Items such as airline tickets, forms of ID (passports, driver’s license, etc.), traveler’s checks, credit cards, cash, prescription medications, contraceptives, important phone numbers and contact information should stay with you as your board the plane.

8. Extra! Extra! It’s good to pack extras of some things. If possible, pack an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses, medical-related articles (e.g., asthma inhaler), batteries for camera/camcorder and any other items you feel having more of will make for a more comfortable, smooth-running honeymoon.

9. Making and Capturing Memories. Be sure to pack your camera and/or camcorder along with required storage media (memory sticks, film, tapes, etc.), to capture the special moments you’ll enjoy on your honeymoon. Bring along plastic, re-sealable bags in a variety of sizes to keep mementos such as sand and seashells. Also use one to protect your camera from water damage. One of these bags will also serve well for packing damp swimwear for the trip home. Another fantastic way to capture your honeymoon memories is to pack a small journal for making daily entries of all the fun and relaxation you had while away.

10. One More Bag. A perfect storage unit for the trip home is a collapsible bag. This extra bag can be filled with souvenirs, or it can serve as a dirty laundry bag. A collapsible bag is nice to have on hand, just in case space becomes an issue on your return trip.

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