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Packing for Holiday- No more a big deal!

Packing for Holiday
Packing for Holiday

When you travel for long hours, there are a lot of points to ponder before you start from your place. From the stress related to packing and deciding on what all to take and on what priority to finding ways to have a good pastime during long hours, everything calls for an effective planning. The long journey can prove to be extremely dreary specifically when it spans multiple cities, towns and states. You can even feel like the hours are dragging by. So, here are ten tips that you can use to survive the long haul journeys.

Allow me to extend a helping hand in order to make your holiday hassle-free and more than perfect. We have put together a list assisting you in reducing the stress of packing and preparing for the trip.

Do not forget to cross check with the following:

Before you go: check if the passport is valid, check holiday insurance, arrange pick and drop, arrange airport parking, vaccinations, Visa applications.

Essentials: Passport, Flight Tickets, Other Tickets, Visas, Currency, Travellers Cheques, Credit cards, Holiday Insurance documentation, EHIC Card, Holiday home keys, Contact Numbers, Holiday Address, Directions, Copies of paperwork and property details, Driving Licence, Other ID, Personal house/car keys, Car breakdown policy, Airport parking ticket, Photocopies of Passport/Insurance, Itinerary, Sports licences/documentation.

Personal essentials: Mobile Phone, Watch, Camera/film, Glasses/case, Reading glasses, Contact Lenses, Hearing Aid, Medication, Personal dietary requirements.

Clothes: Shorts, T Shirts, Shirts/Tops, Trousers, Jeans, Skirts, Dresses, Jumpers, Sweatshirts, Bras, Pants, Vests, Socks, Walking socks, Tights, Stockings, Swimwear, Sarong, Wedding garments, Suit, Nightwear, Dressing gown, Slippers, Shoes, Sandals, Flip flops, Pool shoes, Trainers, Walking boots, Coats/Jacket, Waterproofs, Thermal underwear, Specialist Sports Clothes/Shoes/Boots.

Travelling with children: Activity books / magazines, Snacks and drinks, Travel sickness medicine, Clothes, Favourite teddy / toy, Blanket, Travel sweets.

Travelling with babies: Nappies / changing mat, Comforter / soothers, Bottles of milk, Nappy cream, Baby food, Blanket, Passport.

How to Pack for a Holiday

Now, after collecting the all-inclusive list of stuff that you will be taking with you while you travel, the next question is- how do you pack it…
Suppose you are packing for a holiday and your entire suitcase is full. You are happy having completed the work, but then all of a sudden, you realize something is left to be kept and that will not fit. Or at worse, you make out that missing thing once your reach your destination. This can bear you down and can even annoy you to the core. But, to your advantage, not anymore!!

Steps to pack for a holiday:

1. Before a week you start packing the stuff, make a list of all the things you require while you travel. And keep on adding to the list as things come to your mind as the week proceeds.
2. Open your computer and enroll to some packing tip website.
3. Keep checking the site regularly to be through the list and make out if you have forgotten anything on the packing list and curtail away something off the list. This helps you at two points majorly- helps you make out what you are forgetting and everything ends up evenly and conveniently.
4. Set in the bigger things first.
5. If you find any gaps, fill them with small things like handkerchief, socks, hand towels, phone charger, and your shades (which you always want to keep handy).
6. Do not overdo it! Pack only what you need for the trip, avoid taking extra things.
7. Having prior knowledge about the weather at your holiday destination holds intrinsic worth. So, keep a track of it, so as to pack the bags in accordance with it. For instance, there will be a different set of clothes and accessories if you visit Shimla or if you visit Goa due to the opposite weather conditions and other aspects of the place including culture and people.

After all these fore-mentioned tips to choose things to pack for a holiday, there is just one tip left….Have fun!

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