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Packing for a spring trip can boggle the mind

Packing for a spring trip can be mind boggling
Packing for a spring trip can be mind boggling

I mentioned the other day that my son is going to Florida for a spring baseball trip with his high school team. Today, the day before the trip, the packing frenzy began in earnest as mom began to lay out clothes that he needs, but also that he wants to take.
Nobody told me this was going to be a six month trip. On the floor of a spare bedroom are somewhere in the neighborhood of 27 pairs of underwear, two dozen pairs of socks and enough T-shirts to accommodate a change every six hours. There are shorts, jeans, sweatshirts and assorted accessories as well. And we haven't even gotten to the gaming system, the laptop or the snacks as of this writing. I don't think Lovie Howell took this much luggage on her three hour tour with Thurston, Gilligan and the rest of the castaways.
I know for a fact that the focus of this trip is to play baseball, because the coach told me. They will have one practice and play one game per day, curfew is at 10pm with lights out at 11. How will he find time to wear all of the possible ensembles he is taking with him?
I guess in the grand scheme of things I shouldn't be too concerned about the amount of clothes he takes on a trip. I should be more concerned about the bowl of meat he will have for breakfast and the number of soft drinks he will consume instead of milk. Just please, don't wear stripes with plaids, have a safe trip and stop to realize you are having the time of your life