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Packing 101

Packing 101
Packing 101
Hilen Cruz

Packing for infrequent, pleasure traveling is most times regarded and enjoyed by the traveler as part of his or her exciting trip ahead. However, how many of you -frequent travelers- would agree that constant packing for business traveling could become a nightmare? There are several factors to be taken into consideration when packing, the most important one: the weather at your city of destination. Once the weather is determined, the party can go on!

Type of suitcase

While traveling, your suitcase is your home, your sanctuary, your fortress! I'd highly recommend researching for the type of suitcase that would better suit your needs. Would you be traveling lightly? Perhaps all you need is a Spinner Carry-On! Would you be traveling occasionally or frequently? Would you normally pack suits, dresses, or other delicate clothing? Perhaps a Samsonite Suiter should be considered an option. Would you normally pack for summer or winter? These and many more questions play a fundamental role in your decision-making toward suitcase purchase. Samsonite offers its customers a friendly and didactic website in which one can learn about the different styles, sizes, materials, prices and other details of each one of their products.

Women vs. Men: Packing approach

No matter what one is packing for, packing approach seems to have to do with gender. Ladies love to mix and match, and don’t want to be missing anything from their closets while being away. As a result women tend to over-pack (which can be painful with nowadays airlines' luggage fees). Men, oh men! They typically wait until the last minute to only forget half of the items they will truly need. As a result, they HAVE to go shopping at their point of destination (which can also be painful for normally vacation spots stores are pricier than stores at home). In summary, both genders end up finding means for over-spending!

Some pieces of advice from the experts!

“While traveling to Mexico or South-America, I found it very helpful to roll my clothes instead of folding them. This technique seemed to provide more room in my suitcase and also it prevented my clothes from wrinkling.” – Mackey Helton | Phoenix, Arizona

“Women: Always bring a shawl with you for they are great with both formal and informal outfits.” – Denisse Ramos | Glendale, Arizona

“I travel for business on a regular basis within the U.S. and to Europe. Always pack a spare set of clothes (at least underwear) on your carry on just in case your luggage does not arrive at the same time as you.” – Edmundo Samaniego | Tucson, Arizona

“On my trip to China this past summer I made sure to pack as lightly as possible, and I mainly wore jeans, tank tops & crocs. I avoided wearing socks, belt, and jewelry; this was worthwhile at airports security check-points.” – Trix Padilla | Hermosillo, SON, Mexico

Since my good world-traveler friend Patricia Castro shared this idea with me, my husband and I often pack some clothing that is in good enough condition to be worn, but that we would consider donating when/if we find locals in need. This also provides some extra room in our suitcases on our way back in case we get to purchase some souvenirs. My next piece of advice relates to shoes. It literally drives me crazy thinking that a potential dirty shoe sole would touch my clothes! Hence, I suggest packing each pair of shoes in a big Ziploc bag or even in a regular supermarket plastic bag. It is incredible how handy those extra bags become while traveling alone, let on while traveling with kids! Lastly, and to continue with plastic bags, make sure to place your liquid containers (shampoo, conditioner, etc) in bags as well, finding out ones clothes are soaked in body lotion is not fun! ...With this said, Bon Voyage!


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