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Packer Schopf Gallery packs four shows in one

Object Permanence showcases work of Michael Dinges
Object Permanence showcases work of Michael Dinges
Object Permanence showcases work of Michael Dinges

A full-sized replica of a whaling boat engraved with images and text is featured in Object Permanence, an upcoming exhibition by Michael Dinges. Exploring the legacy of the Industrial Revolution on the Technological Revolution, the show includes the artist’s Dead Laptop series and engraved ipod light sculptures.

This summer, Object Permanence will run concurrently with Victoria Fuller’s Nature², Geoffrey Smalley’s Past Time, and Karen Savage’s The Widow at Chicago’s Packer Schopf Gallery on 942 W. Lake Street.

“Victoria Fuller’s sculpture explores nature from all angles – underground, above ground, outer space and inner space,” explains gallery owner Aron Packer. “Aptly titled Nature², Fuller’s collections of sculptures alternately depict organic and manmade structures, illustrating both nature’s abundance and the dire consequences of human interference. Figurative representations of untouched flora and fauna juxtapose ecological carelessness and exploitation. For example, the hibernating chipmunks of Deep Down starkly contrast Factory Farm’s caged chickens. Viewed as a collection, Fuller’s artwork simultaneously examines nature’s inherent harmony and the human tendency to control it.

“Smalley’s current work points and jabs at the world of American sport, challenging ideas of the hero, of exuberance, opulence and gluttony, and utopian nationalism. Making subtle interventions through drawing and painting into existing imagery, Smalley presents parallels between American development and the rise of big money professional American sport.”

Known for her photograms of dresses, linens, and doll clothing, Oak Park artist Karen Savage presents a series of scanned collages dealing with depression and healing in her upcoming exhibition which, like the others, will be on display from June 6 to July 12, 2014. For more information, visit