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Packback Books impresses on 'Shark Tank' with book rentals

Mark Cuban
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Tonight on "Shark Tank" fans learned about a way to study for cheap students. It was called Packback Books. On March 21, fans saw them try to get help with their company and it impressed everyone.

This company helps out because books are getting so expensive. Text books do cost a lot and some people even drop their classes due to this cost. Their company charges per use for using their text books online. You can even highlight and take notes on their site.

You rent for $5 or less per day on their site. They do have a deal with one big publisher, but not every single book is on their site yet. They do want to get their at some point. They do not rent per semester, but instead it is by the day so you can just rent them when you need to read or study.

Packback Books was able to get a deal on the show tonight. They explained how you don't always need the book for the class. Mark Cuban finally made a deal with them. He liked the concept a lot. He got 20% for $250,000 and they were able to make this deal work.

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