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Packard Place: Charlotte’s Own Little Valley

The allure of Silicon Valley is easy to stomach.

Offices with 24-hour gyms. 4-day work weeks. Non-existent vacation policies. Dogs moving as freely as people from cube to cube. It’s the sort of place you’ve always wanted to work. In the sort of location you’ve always wanted to live.

But what about the tech citizens who aren’t as interested in the glitz of the west coast? What about the ones who prefer the taste of grits to tortillas?

Enter Charlotte’s Packard Place.

The crown jewel of the Queen City

Nestled into a burgeoning wedge of Uptown, Packard Place represents the nexus of southern charm and western modernity. The building describes itself as a hub of like-minded entrepreneurs sharing skills and business opportunities in Charlotte. Serving as a community center for entrepreneurial activity in the heart of the city.

In reality, it’s all that and more.

Packard Place is Charlotte’s premier club for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Within the building walls sits a bevy of young startups, ranging from advertising agencies to tech firms. Dan Roselli, the building’s co-founder, is on record as describing it as a catalyst for innovation – and the impetus for Charlotte’s future as a top 10 startup city.

Getting in

The heartbeat of Packard Place stems from its residents. With no cash down, month-to-month leases, young startups are persistently adding into the building’s composition. Adolescent, vibrant and hopeful, the building’s desk space is filled with some of the city’s most interesting creators.

Take WineShark – one of the buildings most particular members. WineShark works days for the sake of your nights and evenings. Their original red wine hyperaerator allows users to agitate red wine while it’s in the glass – simply and effectively. With a funded Kickstarter campaign under its belt and a client-selected design, WineShark is the perfect example of Packard’s creed.

And it doesn’t stop there: 222 S. Church Street is home to plenty of professionals that are willing to step outside the typical business plan and addle conventions. Detailed Block, a blog made for the Charlotte startup community by the Charlotte startup community, is always updating the building’s roster and providing new local insight.

The future of Packard

There’s no point in dancing around it: the future of Packard Place is shimmering. With every new startup that moves in, the culture grows. And as the building’s culture grows, so does Charlotte’s at large.

In time, there’s no telling how large Charlotte’s startup scene could swell. The area’s attractions, livability and accelerating population numbers are all good omens for what’s to come. Keep an eye on Charlotte, and a keep a finger on the pulse of Packard Place.

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