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Packable Pails for the beach!

Packable Pail for the beach
Packable Pail for the beachLia Burres

One of the best things that I've came across for going to the beach is a wonderful sand pail. It's a "Packable Pail" that is made of FDA approved material that feels like a soft felt rubber material...similar to silicone. These do come with sand shovels for the children to enjoy. They are also washable and collapse with care for easy travel. They store very easy inside of a beach tote or even in a small child's back pack.

The design was made with keeping organization in mind as well as storage. They are great for storing toys and other objects in or carrying snacks since it is FDA approved.

Be sure to check out their site. These do come in different colors. The "Packable Pails" are made durable for children. They are made safe for pets, children, plants and are washable.

Best of all, they are made to be unaffected by UV rays. When they are collapsed, they are only 2 inches high. When not collapsed, they are 6.5 inches high.

These wonderful pails have been seen on As Seen on the NBC Today Show, CNN Money and Destinations Travel Magazine.

Another great idea for these is to purchase multiple pails and then add fillers to create these into a gift basket of any kind that you think children would love. Make them into themes for arts and crafts, snacks with toys, etc.


If you'd like to purchase your own pail, click here to go strait to the ordering page. You can choose form 5 different unique colors.



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