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Pack light to save some money while you travel

Packing light is very important when you’re traveling on a budget. This is one fact that many people don’t seem to fully understand. But over and over again, traveling experts agree that packing light (carry-on, backpackers’ bag) saves you money. It doesn’t matter if you’re going from LAX to New York, or if you’re going all the way to Italy; do your best to pack lightly and it’ll save you a few bucks. Guaranteed!

When you travel light you can bypass the craziness and the wait of the baggage claim area and no need for porters -and no tipping needed-. Most importantly, you won’t have to pay those baggage fees most airlines are charging for checked luggage ($25+). Also, when you get to the hotel, you’ll be able to carry your own bag to your room; hence, you won’t need to tip the bellhop. There you go, a few bucks saved.

Another plus about packing light is that it makes the whole travel experience easier and more enjoyable. It is more secure, since you can handle your luggage yourself and it gives you greater mobility, which is extremely important especially in foreign countries. You can hop on the subway or take the bus to your destination with ease, which will save a few bucks since paying these fares will definitely be cheaper than the fee for a shuttle or even more so, an expensive taxi ride. More money saved, and these savings keep racking up pretty quickly.

There are many other benefits and countless of tips for packing light (articles about these, soon), but the most important reason to keep in mind as you pack is that packing light equals saving money, which is pretty important when you’re traveling on a budget, don’t you think?

So, pack well, pack smart: pack light. You won’t regret it, it’ll make your whole traveling experience much easier and it will save you some bucks you could rather spend enjoying a nice meal or some drinks. Happy Travels!

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