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Pacific Coast Pinot Noirs at BCAE - Friday, June 5th


Perfect Pinot

Pinot Noir has been getting plenty of stage time.

From the 2004 flick Sideways, which spurred its popularity more than it probably intended, Pinot Noir has been nothing short of venerated as a wine grape. Requested. Loved. Preferred over. (Sorry, Merlot sales.)

For good reason though.

It originates and, in my opinion, still grows best, in Burgundy, France, where it is the only allowed red grape to be produced. And they know how to produce it to the levels the rest of the world is yet to catch up on. But the mystery and challenge that surround this finicky grape enamored winemakers wordwide, from California to New Zealand to Chile to South Africa.

Its claim to fame isn't spurious. When made well, Pinot Noir can exhibit the characteristics of terroir like no other variety in the world. But to make it easier said than done.

Who excels at it the most? To whose taste buds is it at its greatest?

Try it out for yourself this Friday, June 5th. Boston Adult Education Center is offering a class on Pacific Coast Pinots, taught by the experienced and knowledgeable instructor Miguel Escobar. Talk about an alternative night out.

This class will focus on one of the more prominent and explored winegrowing regions in the world. You will have a chance to learn and judge for yourself whether the US Pacific Coast is a worthy adversary to Burgundy, France.

From hotther California to cooler, unique Oregon way north, you will travel the distance by tasting and learning what this amazing grape can do in each climate.

Sign up here and you won't regret it. It's $52 for a one and a half hour, sensory experience. Did I mention the food pairing suggestions?

Cheers! Perhaps I'll meet you there.

Pacific Coast Pinots
Boston Center for Adult Education
122 Arlington St.
Boston, MA 02116
Friday, June 5, 2009