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Pachter: It's possible Activision will acquire Take-Two "in a year or two"

Could the "Call of Duty" publisher acquire Take-Two?
Could the "Call of Duty" publisher acquire Take-Two?

At first glance, the special episode of Pach-Attack, which released today, is relatively low-key with Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities, talking about the interactions between Activision and Vivendi as of late. He drops a whole bunch of numbers and financial jargon, but to summarize: Vivendi was the majority shareholder in the publisher before it needed cash and ended up selling a large portion of it's investment back to Activision and its management. As a result of that exchange, the publisher now finds itself in a $1.5 million net debt. Over the next couple of years, the company will certainly recoup those losses, and when they do get back on there feet, Pachter wouldn't be surprised if an acquisition of Take-Two Interactive (Civilization, Grand Theft Auto) occurred.

"I would not rule out an acquisition of a company like Take-Two in the future," Pachter commented, "Take-Two has a ton of owned intelectual property. They have really good franchises, really good developers, and if the acquiring company were willing to pay the developers what they're making now, I'm sure they would be happy to work for Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision) instead of Strauss Zelnick (CEO of Take-Two)."

Again, as to when that might happen is up in the air, but Pachter thinks it might be awhile. "You know, I think that's a possibility, I don't think that's something that's gonna happen imminently, but maybe in a year or two."

Would you support Take-Two's franchises such as Borderlands, Max Payne, and XCOM if they were instead being published by Activision? Let us know in the comments below!