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Pacers are interested in Suns' Dragic, and probably LeBron and Melo too

The Pacers have a reported interest in the Suns' Goran Dragic, but acquiring him may be difficult
The Pacers have a reported interest in the Suns' Goran Dragic, but acquiring him may be difficult
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It seems like there's not a day that has gone by in the NBA's short free agency period that the cash-strapped Indiana Pacers haven't somehow snuck their name into the rumor mill, and today, Thursday, July 3, is no different with the reported leaks that Indiana has shown interest in Goran Dragic of the Phoenix Suns.

But don't expect to see Dragic in blue and gold this 2014-15 NBA season; it's just not a realistic possibility.

Sure, Dragic, who averaged 20 points and six assists in the 2013-14 season, would make a great addition to the Pacers, and his versatility as a combo guard means he could do well in replacing the roles of both George Hill and Lance Stephenson, if they were to leave, but the reality of the situation is that the Pacers just don't have any bargaining chips to the bring to the trading table.

To put it this way, in order for this deal to even have a chance of going any further than just relative interest at this point, the Pacers would have to offer up a boatload of draft picks, assuming Phoenix would even want them, or cross their fingers and hope the Suns would want to pick up a couple of the overinflated contracts of last year's underperforming stars for the Pacers.

There's also a possibility the Pacers could go over the luxury tax threshold to get Dragic, but doing so would almost certainly be too big of a risk/reward situation for the team to even consider.

Essentially, the Pacers have nothing to offer an up-and-coming star on an up-and-coming team that seems dead set on building upon their rising roster. Indiana might as well shoot for the moon and go for Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James while they're at it.

As the dust begins to settle on this year's free agency period, it appears that the core of the Pacers' roster is going to remain intact, although there's a high possibility Lance Stephenson won't be around, but that has been a distinct possibility for some time now.

But with what little money the Pacers do have, they may be better off going after a veteran with David West's locker room leadership capabilities than a high value young star, like they seem to be looking for at the moment.

After all, if the 2013-14 NBA season was any indicator of what areas the Pacers need help in, it seems the team may be better off shooting for wisdom than age.

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