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Pabulum puker Alan Colmes blames record gun sales on racism

For the far left, anything that goes against “the first black president” is an issue or racism, regardless. Criticize ObamaCare and you're racist. Criticiize the economy under this failed president, and you're racist. That's all the left has now to defend the failed first black president, explain away and excuse any criticism as “racism.” Play the race card over and over and over again, because the far left has no intellectual substance and no defense of this failed president and his disastrous policies.

Alan Colmes blames gun sales on racism
The Drudge Report

Now Alan Colmes, writing on his “Liberaland” blog, blames the record production and sales of firearms on racism. His simpleton argument is, Americans are racist because they think the black guy in the White House who happens to be president is going to take away their guns, therefore they buy more of them, and they are therefore racist. I feel to see how hoarding guns would be racist.

Comles writes, “The number of guns being produced domestically during the Obama administration as gun advocates fear President Obama will come after their prized possessions.”

That doesn't make sense, perhaps Colmes needs to check his editing. But I suspect he mans the production has increased while his beloved President Obama has been in office.

Colmes continues, “I’m sure some will disagree that this is race-related, but President Obama isn’t the first Democrat to promote gun control. In fact, Ronald Reagan’s administration enacted some of the most stringent policies as a result of him being shot. But conservatives loved to promote fear that President Obama was going to come and get the guns of law-abiding citizens.

Another fallacious argument from the liberal Alan Colmes. Assuming it were true, which it is not, just because another president (in this instance, Ronald Reagan) supported some gun restrictions, it doesn't make the case for gun control. And it certain doesn't make the case that buying guns while Barack Obama is president, is racist. The far left needs to expand their argument playbook beyond repeated plays of the race card. It's getting old.

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