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Pablo Schreiber returning to 'Law and Order:SVU'

Pablo Schreiber has plaid William Lewis in a multiple episode arc on "Law and Order: SVU."
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

On March 12 Huffington Post shares that Pablo Schreiber will be returning to "Law & Order: SVU" as William Lewis. He's got a new plan to lure Olivia to him which will force SVU's hand in taking him out once and for all.

Last we saw of Lewis, he was sentenced to prison for attacking Olivia. In the mid-season finale, he had faked a seizure to be taken to the medical wing, where we can only assume horrible things happened given his track record. Now, he has been released and he wants his chance at Olivia again.

He has kidnapped a 12-year old girl to lure Olivia, knowing that she will come to save the girl's life from repeating any of the atrocities that she or any of his other victims endured while in his clutches. The "SVU" team will have to go to drastic measures to ensure Liv's safety as well as that of the little girl. Someone is likely going to have to kill him.

The last time that an "SVU" agent killed someone, he left the squad because he couldn't deal with the pressure. Hopefully, this won't be the means to an end in booting Olivia, now captain, from the team as she's the only mainstay from the very first episode of the show. Elliot Stabler, Liv's long time partner, had several good years on the show, despite his anger problems and nobody wants to see Liv, played by Mariska Hargitay, go the same way.

Who do you think will land the killing blow in the April 9 episode featuring Pablo Schreiber?

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