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Paçoca - A strange name for a peanut kind of candy - Brazilian dish


  • Rayfosu 5 years ago

    This dish is simple to prepare and enjoy. I will try it out with friends and family. You are great. Keep it coming and I like to taste different dishes.

  • Mark Mil 5 years ago

    Hi Paulo,

    This sounds nice!! I will try it this coming week and I will leave a feedback soon! Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe!!

  • bonifacio egido 5 years ago

    I am always following your article on the different recipe you always introduce to us for it is very simple and yet very challenging to wait the results. So far the taste was very fantastic and now you introduce to us again this recipe named Pacoca, and the name itself is very interesting note and the more we love to try cooking it for peanuts are food for the brain and this is good for children and adult. I am sure this is nutritious and good for our health. Keep it up Paulo and hope you will always gives us new recipe for us to learn more and gain more.

  • Profile picture of Virginia Kahler-Anderson
    Virginia Kahler-Anderson 5 years ago

    Hi Paulo, just thought you should know that I left you a comment a few moments ago, but it is not showing. So I will come back and check tomorrow morning, to see if it will show then. FYI - I loved this candy article, because I love peanuts :)

  • Michael Thal LA Academic Success Examiner 5 years ago

    Pacoca sounds yummy. Can't wait to give it a try.

  • Profile picture of Beverly Mucha
    Beverly Mucha 5 years ago

    This does sound interesting and could not be any simpler to make. Thanks.
    Winona Cooking Examiner / Winona Home and Living Examiner

  • Felipe 5 years ago

    i just love paçoca!!!

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