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PA looks to expand the reach of local wineries

Pennsylvania’s wine industry started a branding campaign that is geared toward getting people to enjoy the products that are made in the commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Winery Association in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Program is conducting the “Weekends are for Wine” campaign.

The campaign involves rolling out billboards and other forms of media advertisement in PA and neighboring states, as well as using the Internet to get this message across. The campaign was initially started in March and will run through August; featuring the tagline of “keep tasting”, the basis for the advertising is geared towards igniting discovery!

In particular, getting PA residents to discover local wineries in their area is the main focal point of the campaign. With almost 200 wineries in the state, everyone in Pennsylvania is less than an hour away from one. Yet, most resident don’t even realize they have winery down the road or just a few miles away, according to Jennifer Eckinger, the PA Winery Assn’s executive director.

Also Pennsylvania is home to 12 different wine trails through out the state, with the York County Convention and Visitors Bureau actually running the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail, which features the wineries of the county, some in Northern Maryland, and is one of the more well known through out the region.

This industry brings in about $2 billion for the state’s economy, according to the association, using the most recent data available, which is from 2011. Pennsylvania also ranks fifth nationally in the amount of grapes grown, and seventh among all states for the gallons of wine produced.

This makes the wine industry of the utmost importance to the economy, and Pennsylvania is hoping that this marketing campaign will lead to even more production.

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