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PA law may allow small distillers to ship directly to consumers

The Liquor Control Board (LCB) suggests an adjustment to Pennsylvania's Act 113 that would attempt to loosen the rules even more for small distillers; those defined as producing less than 100,000 of liquor per year. The adjustment would allow those with a limited distillery licence (LDL) to ship directly to consumers.

Currently Act 113, allows small distillers in PA with a LDL, to give 1.5 oz tastings, sell from the listed-on-license main location, two satellite locations, and the PA Wine and Spirits store. They can also serve food from their main location.

The final public hearing on the LCB's suggestion was this past Thursday, and as part of the approval process, the adjustment would need to go through the Independent Regulatory Review Commission and then on to the Attorney General's office.

The whole process could be completed by mid-June, giving the small distiller another revenue stream, and allow greater competition among the 27 licensed small distillers across the state with the larger ones.

The large distillers still must ship their product directly to the state-run liquor stores and are not affected by Act 113.

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