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PA Governor Tom Corbett Signs Holocaust Education Legislation Into Law

The Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition (PJC) has commended Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett for his efforts of signing into law recent legislation that will encourage schools across Pennsylvania to teach facts about the Holocaust, genocide and human rights violations.

What was presented as House Bill 1424 (and is now known as Act 70 of 2014) was sponsored and pushed through legislation by House of Representative Paul Clymer who acts as the Majority Education Chairman. The bill in essence encourages schools to develop strong curriculums in order to teach the students about the history, causes and effects of the Holocaust, genocide and human rights violations. The bill will also encourage school districts to distribute the curriculum options as well as train teachers to teach the subject effectively while assessing the schools use of resources in order to assure that every district is indeed offering this subject matter to their students.

“Pennsylvania’s Jewish community applauds Governor Tom Corbett for signing this important legislation into law,’ commented Matt Handel, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition. ‘Act 70 of 2014 ensures that Pennsylvania students will receive the best possible education about the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights violations. This curriculum will be developed with experts in the field and teachers will be trained to use it well. The Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition wishes to thank Governor Corbett and the many Senators and Representatives who have played an essential role in helping to move this legislation into law.”

“Educating our students about our world’s historic atrocities creates an understanding of the need for tolerance and an understanding of the consequences of bigotry and hate’ continued Mr. Handel. ‘We must never forget the horrors of what has happened, so that we do not allow these tragic chapters of history to be repeated.”

The Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition (PJC) is the eyes, ears, and voice in Harrisburg of the Jewish communities across Pennsylvania, including Jewish Federations in Altoona, Erie, Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Wilkes-Barre, and York.

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