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PA Gets an F When It Comes to Providing Supports for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Help stop the funding cuts!
Help stop the funding cuts!

If you think adults with developmental disabilities are being taken care of in Pennsylvania, you are WRONG!

18,013 adults with developmental disabilities are on waiting lists for services. Some of these adults have been “waiting” for decades to get services!

As if that isn’t bad enough, another 700 plus people with developmental disabilities will leave schools each year and be forced to sit around without any supports.

And what does Governor Rendell do about this? He proposes more cuts to the already limited community services! He is proposing an additional $17.3 million in cuts, while increasing state and private institutions budgets by over 3.5%.

This is unacceptable!

All the years of early intervention and special education these adults received as children with developmental disabilities will be wasted as they sit at home and lose skills because they do not have supports in place for employment, recreation and other activities.

Children with developmental disabilities receive early intervention and special education services to prepare them to participate and contribute in society as they become adults.

Unfortunately many times, no support and no adult protective services mean an increased likelihood for abuse, neglect and exploitation. People with disabilities do not deserve to be treated like that, instead, they need to be valued and supported in their homes and communities.

Pennsylvania’s funding cuts force individuals into costly, undesirable, taxpayer funded institutions to get care. Would it not make more sense to provide community-based services because they are more cost effective?

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s mission includes a statement to “Protect and Serve Pennsylvanians”. Yet these proposed funding cuts to community services and increase in institutional funding totally violates that statement!

We need to let our legislators know that Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities matter, too!
I urge you to take a few minutes to sign the petition to end the waiting list and oppose the budget cuts.


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