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PA-15th: Mat Benol to join the fray


  • karen 6 years ago

    i understand your points here, but this election is going to be different. We are tired of voting for the candidate who we think can defeat the other side. We want to vote for a candidate that we actually agree with and believe in. Even if that means we get another Dem in be it..Charlie has voted with the Dems on some very key legislation (hate crime legislation, wilderness act, etc.) We appreciate his stance on Health Care, but it just isn't enough.We are tired of politicians who say one thing and do another.

  • Rebekah 6 years ago

    @Karen - if you want to vote for a candidate you can believe in, vote for Jake Towne. Jake isn't running as a protest candidate, he is running to win. Jake understands that as a representative he serves the voters, not the political parties or capitol hill lobbyists.

  • Walkie Wawtmire 6 years ago

    Nothing new here--just another Talk Radio type touting Ronald Reagan aka The King of All Immigration. In the Talk Radio world of "psychotic reactions" we're told Ronnie did A and not B. Invariably, it's the other way around.

  • Mike Gular 6 years ago

    Only on choice - Jake Towne.
    Jake will caucus with the people. Check out his "open office" platform at his website.

    In Liberty.

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