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P90X workout review


You've seen the infomercials for P90X.  You've seen the shredded Tony Horton pump you up and challenge you to 'Bring It'. You wonder if it's really all its cracked up to be, you wonder if this could be the workout you've been waiting for.  I took the challenge and have spent the last 12 weeks doing the Beachbody P90X Workout Series with Tony Horton and this is what is my P90X Review

Overall, I think this is a great workout for those who are self-motivated and enjoy working out at home.  It is not a workout for beginners but does allow you to push yourself as hard as possible. Like everything, you get out of it what you put into it.  Diet is also a huge factor.  I eat healthy but was so hungry from burning all these calories, that I was eating too many ‘extra’ granola bars, yogurt and dry cereal.  These calories add up and kept me from seeing crazy results.

Do I feel stronger?  Yes. My upper body hasn’t been this strong since I was a gymnast.

Is my cardio better? Yes, but only after I added my own jogging, stairmill and elliptical.  The cardio workouts just didn’t give me a hard enough workout.  I can kick butt in a kickboxing class and although I enjoyed Kenpo X and thought I was working as hard as I could, my heart rate was always too low.

Am I ripped up? No. But I’m positive it’s my fault because of diet.  I knew I needed to add more protein and fiber to my diet in order to keep from being hungry, but I was just never able to make the transition. I’m on the move a lot, which isn’t an excuse, but it was hard enough to fit in the time for P90X (60-90 minutes EVERY day), let alone have the energy to fix my already healthy diet.

Did this workout bore me? Yes. I have the attention span of a gnat. However, I feared this would happen so once I knew the workouts, I took them to the gym and was happy with the outcome.  Plus, I had a bigger selection of weights so I could really push myself.  Unfortunately, once I figured out this solution, I was only in town for 2 weeks of the rest of the workout!

My Trainer Tips:

  • Partner Up.  Motivation is key to success and having a friendly competition or someone to ‘hit play’ with will make a difference and keep you on track.
  • Heart rate monitor is a must. This will help you double check yourself that you are, in fact, working as hard as you can!
  • Push the limits! *But you have to be smart!* Always strive to do better than you did the last time.  Don’t worry about keeping up with Tony, just make sure that you are giving all you can.  At the same time, make sure you are aware of your body and if you are pushing too hard.  It’s always ok to take a break or stop the workout if you aren’t feeling well or something hurts!

My Final Statement:  If you are looking for a new workout and want something that will challenge you, then this workout will do it. Will you want to stick with it for 12 weeks… that’s up to you!


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