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P2P: person-to-person customer service trends

Studies show that communication with customers is the key to success.
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Impeccable customer service has long been the holy grail of organizations. But the fact of the matter is that customers are not loyal by nature, that is, it takes effort to keep the clients you have and attract new ones. The following lines are going to be all about how you can achieve the best results while providing customer support services to your customers.

Right Time Vs. Real-Time

When it comes to utilizing social media outlets to provide customer support services, the focus shifts towards ‘right-time’ rather than, ‘real-time’. While there are still tools and processes that deliver value, the challenge is always going to be scalability. Studies show that only those customer support services that communicate and meet the expectations of their customers will be successful, rather than those who let their customers set the expectations.

Using Customer Service to Increase Prospects

From the looks of it, customer service is all about Big Data, for instance, data which is correlated to help give customer support services a better picture of the problems of their customers. This will also involve community forums, knowledge bases and customer service activities being an integral part of the puzzle.

In a nutshell, the business edge will always go to those companies that are able to mine data effectively to increase customer satisfaction, whether it’s in a feedback loop for a product development campaign or a marketing strategy. It is no secret that the new Hummingbird algorithm update has tipped the scales when it comes to online businesses. For instance, instead of using keywords as a watermark for search engine results, Google now relies more on the searcher, bringing greater value to the community forums and knowledge bases.

From Multi-Channel to Customer-Centric

Back in the day, it was just fine to boast of a toll-free number that your customers could use to solve all of their problems, related to you of course. But in the times we live in, having that alone just won’t cut it anymore. Nowadays, businesses need to focus more on a multi-channel customer service experience, as in, including social media as an integral part of their customer support services along with email, web and voice mail channels.

Social Media as the Prime Communications Channel

Since we’re bandying on about the importance of social media when it comes to providing customer service, do you remember the time when you would actually be happy to wait almost a month to get a problem resolved? Nowadays, having to wait for five minutes seems like an eternity and would most probably result in a million tweets about how your service sucks. Since customers have grown more impatient and are ever ready to complain publically, you need to give your clients the need to brag about your customer support services. Getting a positive response from your customers on social media outlets is the best thing any business can ask for and will be a more significant marketing strategy.

Ending Note

Since customer support has been viewed as the cost one has to pay for being part of a business, providing a great customer experience enables a business to build a brand-customer relationship and encourage repeat sales.

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