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PUMP Has Arrived!

Lisa Vanderpump and Lance Bass
Alex Wyman

Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP has opened!

The Grand opening of PUMP was a glitzy celebration of reality stars and great looking individuals.

Lisa’s husband and partner Ken Todd was dressed to the nines and beaming with pride about his wife’s work.

About PUMP he said, “It was bit of a labor of love and it took a long time but good things take a long time. We’re happy it’s finished and we’re very proud of it … Lisa is so good with her designs and putting things together that we’re happy, I’m happy, she’s so clever.”

Real Estate developer Mohamed Hasid said he thinks the place is genius, “I think it’s gorgeous, and I have been to a lot of places. Shiva and I have been around the world and this is very unique.”

Shiva Safari is engaged to Mohamed and shared the same excitement for the beauty that makes up PUMP

Mohamed continued, “It is an amazing place for everyone to be here. It has all the touches of Lisa! She is impeccable in everything she does.”

Shiva shared, “It is very hard to do both sexy and romantic at the same time and Lisa captured both elements. It has the perfect touch of femininity. Everything is perfection.”

PUMP features an intimate inside lounge that opens to an elegant outside patio. It is stunning; a beautiful mystic space with chandeliers, cozy luxury seating, great lighting, and of course attractive bars and bartenders.

Joyce Giraud and her husband Michael Ohoven were very complimentary about PUMP

Joyce said, “I love Lisa. She is such as strong, gorgeous woman that I have learned so much from, and she has been a very supportive friend.”

About the Housewives of Beverly Hills, Joyce shared that she has met some good friends and that there are some she could never see again in her life, but, “It is what it is.”

Joyce was a fan of the show before becoming a part of it. “I think it is an amazing platform. I did want to promote my charity, Queen of the Universe. Thanks to my pageant, I am opening my first school in Africa for kindergartners. I am a Latino and it is also important to show class and dignity and not the stereotype ...”

Her husband shared that he always protects his wife. “She can defend herself quite honestly, but some ladies overstep boundaries and that is when I had to step in. Overall I had a great time, the guys are all great. The guys are much easier.”

I spoke with Gretchen Rossi who along with Slade Smiley will soon be seen in the television show, “Reality Stars Marriage Boot Camp.” Gretchen said about the Boot camp, “In the end it made us stronger.”

PUMP is a plush experience, a definite winner, and I can’t wait to go again.

PUMP 8948 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069

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