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P.F. Chang's fixes problems with plastic

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P.F. Chang's

Just this morning, the CEO of P.F. Chang's released a statement concerning a credit card security compromise that was discovered back in June of this year. The security vulnerability was fixed immediately (as of June 11 according to the statement, posted online here- ) but the level of potential loss of data has not been confirmed. The statement itself says the following:

"The potentially stolen credit and debit card data includes the card number and in some cases also the cardholder's name and/or the card's expiration date. However, we have not determined that any specific cardholder's credit or debit card data was stolen by the intruder."

What makes this relevant to the Bay Area is a bit more direct. Of the California locations listed as having been targeted, the P.F. Chang's in the Stanford Shopping Center over in Palo Alto is on the list. Anyone who's been there between April and June of this year would be served to keep a closer eye on their bank statements. In addition to other California locations down in San Diego (Chula Vista) and LA (Sherman Oaks), vulnerabilities were found and potentially exploited at locations in 20 states, in cities as large as Baltimore, Austin, and Saint Louis.

Another small blessing drawn from the statement was that no locations of the Pei Wei brand (a quick-service branch of the P.F. Chang's company) were similarly compromised. That leads me to wonder whether the brand's security methods differ according to the brand aspect, or if it was simply a lower-value target. Be it that, or something else entirely, no problems were found.

That said, the link provided above gives both a practical and politically savvy response. Citing rapid intervention from the US Secret Service and equally rapid resolution of the vulnerability, P.F. Chang's is making its previous problem public in hopes of rapid restoration of confidence.

If you liked eating there before, this little hiccup isn't any reason to stop patronizing the place.

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