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P.A.W. for Valentine’s Day

Need art of your canine for Valentine's Day?
Need art of your canine for Valentine's Day?
Personalized Art Work

P.A.W. (Personalized Art Work), a local Illinois organization that creates customized art work is ready to create your pet’s essence on pieces of art that you can keep and display in your house, office, or anywhere you want to have your pet’s mug represented. Everyone that ordered pieces for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa for personal or gift reasons has them now. If they like it, their opinion could potentially be proudly displayed on the “News” page.

When you commission an order with Noel Roberts, it becomes priority – holiday season or any time during the year. Deadlines can be established for priority orders.

Roberts and P.A.W. will appear in several 2014 events. Aside from taking commissions and doing shows though, Noel is creating some very unique pieces. Besides selling painted glassware, he is also preparing prints of some of his previous works. With this preparation, prices will be kept down. It will also give you the opportunity to purchase a special piece of art to give or get for yourself to love and adore.

The very first showing Noel Roberts has this year will be the first that he has presented since he was a young man. In preparation for that event, please mark your calendars for this November and December. The events will be held at the Tamale Hut Café and much more information will be released on the website on either Noel’s “Home” page or “News” page as it becomes available.

There is nothing so precious as art that you can appreciate! Those that have previously commissioned Mr. Roberts to paint their dog’s picture already know that no matter where their precious animal’s face appears, it brings joy to their heart. If you are considering an investment of love such as this, please visit the P.A.W. website and view the new art pieces that have been created for others. Many photos have been added in addition to having the web pages rearranged for easier access – all in attempts to reveal to you how important it is for Roberts to create something special just for you!

Orders for Valentine’s Day will be accepted through the end of January. And don’t forget that a personalized art piece makes a wonderful gift for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings as well. Art work, no matter the topic (but especially art pieces picturing pets) is precious indeed.

Let Noel Roberts catch the essence of your beloved canine on something that can be displayed forever. You will be so happy with your investment and your pet will be proud, too!

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