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Ozzy Osbourne Grammy Awards: Osbourne admits messing up Ringo Starr intro.

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Ozzy Osbourne Grammy Awards buzz was all over social media Sunday night (Jan. 26). Ozzy Osbourne introduced Ringo Starr right before the former Beatles drummer was to perform, but he completely flubbed what he was supposed to say. According to a report on the event, the rock singer admitted back stage that he had messed it up. He stated, "I completely (expletive) it up."

Justin Bieber Intervention?

It seemed like he was trying to say that The Beatles were his favorite band of all time, but either he couldn't put the right words together or he couldn't read the teleprompter with his comments already on it. He was onstage with fellow Black Sabbath musicians Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, both of whom started cracking up when he started messing up his lines. They powered through the introduction, though, and Ringo Starr took the stage for his performance.

With how much buzz the appearance by Ozzy Osbourne at the Grammy Awards has created, it will be interesting to see if his wife mentions it during the Monday (Jan. 27) episode of "The Talk" on CBS. It might be hard for her to avoid the topic, but since she does have a lot of pull with the network, maybe she will convince her co-hosts not to broach the topic. As for the late night talk shows, this could certainly be a topic of several jokes as the week gets started.

The night wasn't a total bust for them, though, as they drew a best metal performance win for "God is Dead?"

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