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Oz on Film, Part Nine: The Oz Film Company's Manufacturings, Part Three

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On their quest to overthrow King Krewl and rescue his niece Princess Gloria from Mombi’s heart-freezing spell so that she can be reunited with her true love Pon the gardener’s boy—and indeed to free him from being a kangaroo the rest of his days…

Only in Oz!

… Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and Button-Bright must traverse a river on a raft. As in the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow gets his barge pole stuck in the mud and, after sliding down it and meeting a Mermaid, climbs back up and must be rescued, in this instance by a giant Crow (Woodward) instead of a stork.

Back ashore, he is in for more mishaps when an angry Cow (Woodward) first sits on him and then drags him along the ground. The others manage to rescue him and tie up the Cow. The quartet once more take to the raft, and suddenly find themselves going up and then down a sheer wall of water.

Somehow bypassing all these obstacles, Mombi continues her own quest to waylay the Princess’s champions, who soon encounter none other than the Wizard of Oz himself (J. Charles Haydon) in his small gypsy caravan drawn by the Sawhorse (uncredited, but most likely Woodward). He hides them inside his conveyance through a door in its roof.

Mombi arrives and the Wizard welcomes her to search that entryway, even as he ushers Our Friends out through another door. After they depart, he helps her down, and then traps her inside a can labeled “PRESERVED SANDWITCHES.” He paints out some of the letters until it says, “PRESERVED WITCH” then shrinks the can to its proper size and pockets it.

Meanwhile, the Scarecrow and the others meet the Cowardly Lion (Woodward), who had been seen earlier, battling an unidentified (indeed, unidentifiable) creature and running it off. The Lion gnaws the legs of the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman in turn, looking perplexed each time, and then exchanges hand-and-pawshakes with them. Once Dorothy and Button-Bright are assured that the Lion is friendly, they all set out to attack the castle of King Krewl, who has recaptured the wandering Gloria.

They get past the archers on the ramparts, mainly because the Scarecrow takes all the strikes from the arrows, scaling the walls on a ladder Gloria lets down. Unfortunately, the Lion gets left behind because he is too big to climb it (and because Woodward was needed to play Pon the Kangaroo for the finale).

The Scarecrow boldly proclaims himself King, to the delight of the courtiers. The Wizard lets Mombi out so she can reverse the spell on Gloria’s heart, which she does. The Wizard himself changes Pon back to his proper appearance, the lovers are reunited, and all present hail His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz!