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Oz 'not responsible' for false claims on extract

It was a wonder for me. What was this world coming to? First, Jenny Jones was reprimanded for the murder that took place after a show that never aired on “Same Sex Crushes” in 1995 when Scott Amendure was shot and killed for his secret crush on another man brought to the show. Now, Dr. Oz got scolded for making faulty claims about Green Coffee extract as a magical weigh loss pill for the body. Good grief, people! didn’t anyone have any sense? If one wanted to loose weight, old-fashioned diet and exercise was the only way to go.

In case one missed what he said....
Photo by Ben Gabbe

Even Dr.Oz admitted that there weren’t any miracle weight loss pills out there. He did admit giving his family the supplements he recommended on his show. They were meant for short term use though. He stated that he could not be accountable for what was said on line about some of the products. The green coffee bean study in regards to weight loss was very weak. As for instigating these supposed weigh loss scams, the good cardiologist swore to stop this. At the end of his show every day he stated that if anyone received an e-mail using his name or likeness to endorse any product it was not him. He had never allowed anyone to use his name or likeness to do this and he had never endorsed any products or received any money from any company that used the recommended products on his show.

Locally one of the stores, Abner’s Nutrition Center, used to use his name in their television ads. Lately, like Oz, they have toned down their efforts. While he didn’t use so much flowery language, the store in Wichita Falls dropped his name from their TV ads to sell their products. In the place of his name, they said that they even had products “seen on TV”.

Frankly, there was no baring false witness here at least on Oz’s part. Stealing occurred when advertisers used his name or likeness in TV or web ads .If their language had people actually believing they could’ve lost weight by using the supplement above meant to boost one’s immune system, as a replacement for diet and exercise, that was the fault of the person for not doing research, or checking with the doctor, like Oz recommended. The people on Capital Hill got their wires crossed and were looking for someone to blame, so they chose Oz and his show. Poetic license was taken to the extreme because the line between truth and lies were blurred with some of the advertisers on line. People were gullible.

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