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The Big Pitcher
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What I want you to do is hold your breath until you finish reading this article…only five or six minutes at the most.

Obviously that’s not a reasonable request, but it emphasizes the importance of oxygen. People have gone without food for over a month, but can’t survive without water for more than a few days or oxygen for more than a few minutes. Logic dictates that we should consume quality water and adequate amounts of oxygen, preferably simultaneously and often.

Teri Mathis is an expert on the benefits of drinking oxygen-saturated water. Her knowledge came from working in the bioremediation industry for 17 years, where oxygen was used as a powerful clean-up tool to treat contaminated waste water from petroleum plants along the Texas Gulf Coast and in Venezuela.

At one point, Teri tested the well water at her home and found there was zero dissolved oxygen. This raised questions in her mind as to whether oxygen was an overlooked factor in the quality of drinking water. She discovered that there’s compelling proof that drinking oxygen-saturated water improves health.

The foods we eat, air we breathe, and the stress of everyday life create an oxygen demand in our body. Teri coined the phrase Chronic Oxygen Debt Syndrome© (CODS) when her research demonstrated that this demand is often greater than available oxygen. Over time, that creates CODS, the prime cause of a multitude of illnesses: premature aging, obesity, dementia, depression, and many others.

Teri and her husband designed The Big Pitcher to provide an affordable and convenient way for people to have access to oxygen-saturated drinking water. The Big Pitcher fully oxygenates water in about twenty minutes and remains in the water for more than four hours at normal room temperatures. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms will not flourish in oxygen-rich water, a compelling reason to add The Big Pitcher to your health regimen.

Pets even prefer oxygenated water over tap water, and apparently thrive on it. After six years of drinking oxygenated water, Teri’s 18 year old cat had “the thyroid of a kitten” according to her vet and Dr. Wolf at Texas A&M.

Loyal customers eagerly share testimonials about positive results they’ve experienced - from the fresh taste of the water to greatly improved health. Of course, pioneers always have their skeptics, but Teri welcomes all questions or concerns, confident she can address each one satisfactorily.

Teri Mathis
President, Oxygen Orchard, Inc.
3902 Reese Road, Suite A200
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
713-446-5337, 877-347-7770


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